Catalogues  - last updated 2nd March 2018

Catalogues with numbers are also available in printed form and can be sent on request. There is usually a shipping charge for this service. Other catalogues and lists of various subjects will be produced from time to time and are only available in this pdf form. Purchases can be made from any catalogue by sending an e-mail and using the numbering system within the catalogue to establish availability and related shipping charge.  For all enquiries e-mail or telephone 01242 573567 or 07966 176839.

A Photograph Album with signed Photographs of General Officers who had served in World War One
An album put together in 1926 by Colonel William Herman Frank Weber, C.M.G., D.S.O., late Royal Horse Artillery.
BOURDILLON FULTON ALBUM. A genalogical gem for the family history researcher
An unusually informative album where almost all the sitters are identified. Members of the two families held high office in the HEICS, ICS, and the Indian Army of the Company and of all three Presidencies. The album contains cards mainly from the 1870s and early 1880s.
Calcutta. Mr Stuart Hall's Album of Cartes de Visite, Calcutta 1860s
An unusual collection of cartes de visite, mainly by F W Baker of Calcutta, comprising trades, professions, servants, three portraits of Stuart Hall & his friends, etc.
Coronation Durbar 1903: Jeddere-Fisher - Ball Album
An album containing 10 large views of the Coronation Durbar 1903 put together for a relative of the Resident at the Court of the Nizam of Hyderabad who was staying in his camp at Delhi.
Delhi Durbar 1911. Contemporary Post Cards.
A small collection of postcards, black and white and coloured, of the 1911 Coronation Durbar, priced individually.