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Government House Madras. A ceremonial arrival , circa 1904.

A large professional photograph showing an important arrival by open carriage at Government House in Madras, early 20th century [from its source probably 1904]. The principal gentleman arriving is probably the Lieutenant Governor and he wears morning dress with the badge of a GCSI. Drawn up on the right of the image is the Governor’s Bodyguard and the two British officers saluting facing the coach are presumably the commandant and adjutant of that unit. Some dozen or so political officers are greeting the arrivals. The two officers in white tropical dress are clearly aides de camp or equerries by their aiguillettes. A very good example of the ceremonial of the time and useful image showing the various uniforms of the Bodyguard. The mounted sowar behind the British officers is the bugler. The photograph, which has ever been mounted measures 11½ x 9½ ins and has no photographer’s credit marks. Lord Ampthill was awarded a GCSI in September 1904 and did briefly serve as Acting Governor General in 1904 during Lord Curzon’s absence and this could have been taken on his return to Madras.

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