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21st Empress of India's lancers. Part of a small collection of uniform items

Shown here are a few of the items which belonged to a field officer of the 21st Empress of India's Lancers in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.The major's full dress uniform is complete with all its original Victorian buttons and badges. The distinctive plastron front and facings are of the pale Star of India blue and the cuffs have the double chevron of a field officer. The original owner almost certainly will have ridden with the regiment in the famous last charge of the British cavalry at Omdurman against the dervishes of the Mahdi - a charge in which Winston Churchill also rode with the 21st. Also in the image are a pair of detachable Edwardian epaulettes on the distinctive faving colour and a large brass two piece Edwardian badge from one the drum horse's kettle drums. These items, along with a few other uniforms from the same source are currently being assessed.

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