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BOURDILLON FULTON ALBUM. A genalogical gem for the family history researcher

BOURDILLON FULTON ALBUM. A full account of the album will appear in the catalogue section A leather bound album, circa 1880s, containing approximately 125 window mounted cartes de visite and 10 cabinet cards together with a few loose photographs. Almost all the photographs have contemporary detachable paper labels with the identity of the sitter and in many cases a date. This is an unusually well documented album of these two families, each of which had strong Indian connections, and could form the basis for a good deal more research. Although many of the men in the album served in the military and civil forces of the East India Company and the later ICS and Presidential Armies only one image shows one of them in uniform. The album is in a plain, rather masculine style with a working metal clasp. The spine is weak and splitting at the joints and hinges. It appears to be almost complete as put together. We cannot be sure who did this but a note on the back of a cabinet card suggests it may have been a daughter of James Dewar Bourdillon HEICS where it is inscribed with the address of Miss Bourdillon Normanholt, Dorking. Almost all the images and are in excellent, clean condition. Recent hand written family trees of the two main families will be included with the album.

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