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Identified Royal Artillery Officers photographed at Lucknow in 1863

Royal Artillery, Lucknow. A large group portrait of officers of the Artillery identified on a contemporary sheet of paper as being taken at Lucknow in January 1863, The paper identifies most of the officers. The most senior officer in the group in whose hand the note is written is the bearded officer left of centre holding his cap [unlike those of his more junior colleagues it is peaked] is Colonel Charles J Buchanan Riddell, CB. One of the subsidiary illustrations shows him in close up. He had been commissioned in to the RA in 1834 and was to be advance to Major General in 1866. Hart’s Army List notes that he “commanded the Siege Artilleryery of Outram’s force on the left bank of the Goomtee at the siege and captur of Lucknow in March 1858, also commanded the Artillery of Lugard’s Column at the affair at Tigree, relief of Azimghur, operations in the Jungle and capture of Judgdespore. (three times mentioned in despatches, C.B., medal with clasp).” The albumen print photograph measures 10.5 x 8 inches and has very good rich tones and is in excellent clean condition. It is tipped by the corners only to a large thick paper album sheet 14 x 18ins. It is accompanied by a similar sheet which has three panoramic styled images of artillery trains, two showing the guns pulled by elephants. The largest of the three measures 8 x 4ins and the top image is somewhat blurred. Photographers could not always get animals to stand still. These images came to us from descendants of General Riddell and they have been removed from an album which had no other images of military interest. The accompanying paper identifies 14 other officers. Photographs taken in India as early as this are now hard to find in anything like good condition.

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