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The Showroom section of the website offers a series of categories, to which others will be added from time to time, where you can view books, photographs, documents, ephemera, and objects connected with the history of India.   To enquire about any items please contact by e-mail or ring 01242 573767 OR mobile 07966 176839.


Delhi Durbars and Royal Visits to India

This showroom offers photographs, books, ephemera, etc concerned with the Durbars held at Delhi in 1877, 1903, 1911, and 1921. It also includes material connected with royal visits and tours in India, particularly those of the various Princes of Wales in 1875, 1905/6, and 1921/22. If you are interested in a particular Indian ruler at one of these events you may also wish to consult the showroom of Indian Princes. Other related portraits may appear in the Viceroys showroom. By clicking on an image you will see a larger version and usually one or two further images.  THIS SHOWROOM LAST UPDATED 25th February.  To order or enquire about items in this showroom email or telephone 07966 176839 or 01242 573767  For an up to date version  please visit the new website

Manuscripts and Ephemera

 This showroom contains a selection of manuscripts connected with India, including letters signed by Viceroys and officers' commissions. Last updated 8th March 2018. To enquire about any item please e-mail  or telphone 01242 576767 or 07966 176839.      For an updated version please visit our new website:

Books India and The East India Company

This showroom details a small selection of our stock of books and maps on the East India Company period. Other titles on this subject area and others can always be searched on the website [priced in sterling] or [priced in US dollars]. For further details on any item here please contact Jeffery Bates at  This website was last updated 6th February 2018. For an up to date version please visit our new website:

Photographs of Indian Interest

In this showroom you will find photographs taken in India - a large proportion of them of military interest. More photographs relating to specific subjects will be found in the salerooms entitled Viceroys, Delhi Durbars and Royal Visits, and Indian Princes. Another showroom shows non-Indian military photographs. This website was last updated 8th  March 2018. FOR  UP TO DATE VERSION PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE:      For further details ring Jeffery Bates on UK 07966 17683 or email

Featured Items

 Here you will see some items just added to the website. LAST UPDATED 22nd January 2018. To enquire about items here contact or telephone 07966 176839 or 01242 573767

Pictures and Prints

This showroom contains images of Indian interest other than photographsDirect contact can be made by e-mailing FOR UP TO DATE VERSION PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE:

Miscellaneous Objects of Indian Interest

This website is no longer being updated. Please now look at our new website from 4th April 2018.

 For further information please contact Jeffery Bates at

Viceroys and Governors General of India

At the moment this showroom deals mainly with the Viceroys from 1858 to Independence. When the rule of the East India Company ended after the Mutiny the title of Governor General was enhanced by the use of the title Viceroy as the holder of the office ruled in the sovereign's name. For further details of any of these images email AN UP TO DATE VERSION PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE:

Indian Princes

This showroom offers photographs of Indian rulers and princes together with some other items. You may also wish to look at the showroom dealing with Delhi Durbars and Royal Tours where there will be other images and books including princes. By clicking on an image you will see a larger version and usually one or two further images. To enquire about any item please e-mail or ring 07966 176839. This website was last updated 8th March 2018. For up to date version VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE at

Decorative Vellum-bound Books



We have a considerable stock of decorative vellum bound books which we sell mainly to interior decorators and clients looking to create interesting features in homes, offices, hotels, etc. The predominantly white tones of the books make them easy to incorporate in modern interiors as well as in those requiring a strong period look. Over the last thirty years we have worked with international interior decorators to create impressive features varying from a single table arrangement of a pile of varied books with a lamp to whole bookcases and walls of vellum. LAST UPDATED 25th April 2017. For further information on any of the books here please contact Jeffery Bates at batesandhindmarch@gmaiThe books in this picture date from 1610 to 1820 and the majority of those we stock are of 18th century origin, usually printed in Latin and generally of theological or ancient literary subjects. We are also including a few non vellum armorial bindings.

Prices for books in decent condition [we do not usually clean books as that is a matter of preference best left to the client] will range from about 30 per book for sets of small books to upwards of 150 for large folio volumes and antique armorial bindings.

If you wish to discuss the books in the photograph or similar examples held in Cheltenham please contact Jeffery Bates via the contact details on the website.

A selection of our stock can be viewed in London at the Fulham antiques shop of Andrew Bewick at 287 Lillie Road, London SW6 7LL [contacts: Andrew or Jonathan on 0207 385 9025]


Military Photographs non-Indian

This section includes a wide selection of photographs of military interest, many of them group or individual photographs.  If you are interested in a particular regiment it may be worth checking the showroom of Photographs of Indian Interest where any pictures of the regiment serving in India will be included there. If you click on the image you will see a larger version and often one or two further images.  THIS SHOWROOM WAS LAST UPDATED ON 24th November 2017. For enquiries e-mail or telephone 07966 176839 or 01242 573767.