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Treaties between the Princes of India and the Hon East India Company 00000998

A COLLECTION OF TREATIES AND ENGAGEMENTS WITH THE NATIVE PRINCES AND STATES OF ASIA, CONCLUDED ON BEHALF OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY, BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENTS IN INDIA, viz. By the Government of BENGAL from the Year 1757 TO 1809; By the Government of FORT ST. GEORGE from the Year 1759 to 1809; By the Government of BOMBAY from the Year 1739 to 1808: Also copies of SUNNUDS, OR GRANTS, OF CERTAIN PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES to the EAST INDIA COMPANY, by the MOGUL, AND OTHER PRINCES OF HINDUSTAN: with AN INDEX. Printed by E Cox and Son, Printers to the Hon United East India Company [London] 1812. Quarto. xx, 623pp. Contemporary pebbled cloth with possibly later black label gilt, some staining to the boards but completely sound, no previous ownership marking. The Bengal treaties occupy pp 1 – 345; Fort St George pp 347 – 476; Bombay pp 475 – 611. As well as treaties with Indian rulers [including Tippoo Sultan, Hyder Ali, Mahrattas, the Peshwa, &c. there are a few treaties with external powers such as Ava, Muscat, Nepal, and Persia. A scarce work.

CARNATIC WAR. Two large volumes of Parliamentary Reports on the war of 1812-13. 04993

REPORTS FROM THE COMMITTEE OF SECRECY APPOINTED TO ENQUIRE INTO THE CAUSES OF THE WAR IN THE CARNATIC, AND OF THE CONDITION OF THE BRITISH POSSESSIONS IN THOSE PARTS 1781-2. Reprinted By Order of the House 1806. House of Commons 1806, large folio. 2 large (27mm x 42mm, 11ins x 16ins) folio volumes containing the full Six Reports and an additional Narrative. Each volume has its own title page (as Vol VII and Vol VIII of the series -see note below) the pagination is continuous throughout the reports vol VII and again in Vol VIII. Both volumes are in are in generally excellent condition, bound in later but old heavy buff coloured buckram cloth with red and green leather gilt title labels, the boards are rather soiled with wear at the corners and some rubbing to the spines but they are very sound copies, although having no library marks apart from two small paper numeral labels at the base of the spine these volumes were once in the British Home Office Library, there is a little occasional light foxing. The volumes comprise:"Vol VII EAST INDIES - CARNATIC WARS, &c 1781 & 1782" - First Report from the Committee of Secrecy 27th June - 9th July 1781 - 268pp. Second Report &c reported by the Lord Advocate of Scotland (Henry Dundas Esq) 27th June 1781 pp271-589. Third Report &c (being a Supplement to the First and Second Reports, 4th Feb 1782. pp593-697. Fourth Report &c, 6th Feb 1782 pp641-710. Fifth Report &c The First Mahratta War, 1st March 1782 pp 713-1066. "Vol VIII. EAST-INDIES - CARNATIC WAR &c 1781 & 1782." Fifth Report &c (continuation) xxiii.270pp. Sixth Report of the Committee of Secrecy appointed to enquire into the Causes of the War in the Carnatic, and of the Condition of the British Possessions in those Parts. Reported by the Lord Advocate of Scotland, 8th March 1782 pp272-1008. Copies of Two Narratives from the Governor General to Edward Wheler, Esquire; relative to the Affair at Benares, and a Copy of a Letter in the Secret Department pp 1009-1105. Index 39pp. [The volumes are entirely complete, the missing numbers in the pagination being explained by blanks, unnumbered title pages, etc.] This massive work is undoubtedly the supreme authority on the Carnatic Wars. The narrative of events is reported day by day, sometimes hour by hour, and often with the unpolished immediacy of those who were writing under the strains of a brutal and harrowing war. Here are some of the great moments of the military history of India in the days of the Company, such as Col Baillie's defeat and the virtual annihilation of the British at the hands of Haidar Ali -"the severest military defeat that the English, or, indeed, any military power had suffered at the hands of a purely Indian army" (Sir Penderel Moon). The volumes are hugely comprehensive. As well as dealing with the Carnatic, the Mahratta Wars of 1774 and 1778, the Company's state of readiness, its military and civil contact with the Native States, trade, religion, customs, etc, the reports throw light on a vast range of other factors. There is, for example, the first account of George Bogle's arrival in Tibet recorded in a letter from Warren Hastings to the Court of Directors of the HEICo. Sir Penderel Moon sums up the political significance of the Reports thus: "On news reaching London of the irruption of Haidar Ali into the Carnatic and of Baillie's defeat, a Secret Committee of the House of Commons was formed under the Chairmanship of Henry Dundas to inquire into the causes of the war: it was still sitting when Francis arrived home and this afforded him a grand opportunity of launching the campaign of revenge against Hastings. The Committee probed into the Mahratta War and other matters besides the war in the Carnatic, and fed by Francis with mailicious representations, it drew up reportsawhich besides castigating Rumboldt cast severe reflections on Hastings and on Hornby, the President of Bombay Council." These Reports comprise volumes VII and VIII of a massive series of 15 volumes of Reports of the House of Commons Committees which were ordered by the House to be specially reprinted in 1803-6 in an attempt to order the publishing practice of Parliament. This ia the beginning of the system of reports or blue books which came in the 19th century to be such a comprehensive experession the far reaching interest and influence of the British Parliament. They are complete in themselves: some of the other volumes concern East Indian Affairs of a different nature. The Index volume refers to Parliament ordering 1500 copies to be reprinted and they seldom appear outside major institutional libraries

ASIATICK RESEARCHES. An 1801 Calcutta printed quarto copy of Volume Seven. 05822

ASIATICK RESEARCHES: OR, TRANSACTIONS OF THE SOCIETY; INSTITUTED IN BENGAL, FOR ENQUIRING INTO THE HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES, THE ARTS, SCIENCES, AND LITERATURE, OF ASIA.VOLUME THE SEVENTH. Printed at the Hircarrah Press By Thomas Hollingbery,[Calcutta]. 4to. 1st Edition. Folding map of the Ganges on one very large and two small plates, 20 other plates (as called for in the Binder's instructions but lacking the "N.E. View of the Rocks at Colgong called for) 15 plates, vi.521pp including the list of members and contents list, [1] errata. 19th Century half black leather gilt with remains of red leather title label gilt, the boards (with binder's stamp of H Sizer, Binder, Frith St, Soho) now detached, text block with spine still very tight and sound, some foxing, a little marginal insect damage to a very few pages. Generally a much better than average copy of one of the very scarce Calcutta printings of the Society's journal. Contents include: On the Course of the Ganges through Bengal ( Henry Colebrooke, with fine partly coloured map on thick folded paper), On Ceylon and the Doctrines of Boodha (Capt Mahony), Narrative of a route form Chunarghur to Yert-Nagoodum (Capt J T Blunt), a new species of Delphinus (Dr Roxburgh, 1 plate), the inscription on the Pillar at Dehlee (H Colebrooke, several plates), Account of the Kookies (John Macrae), A method for extending a Geographical Suervey (Major Lambton), the Religion and People of Ceylon (Mr Joinville), the Burmha Game of Chess compared with the indian, Chinese, Persian games (late Hiram Cox)

A large volume of nine Parliamentary Reports into the East India Company dating from 1771-72. 04933

REPORTS ON THE STATE OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1772-3. Comprising NIne Reports from the Committee of Secrecy. House of Commons 1804. Large folio. xix.763pp, 12pp detailed index. Large (27mm x 42mm) folio volume containing the full Nine Reports from "The Committee of Secrecy appointed to enquire into The State of the East India Company" with Appendices. Later stout sand coloured library with red and black title labels gilt, the front board has a stain (caused by some liquid) at the top upper corner but this has not penetrated to the contents at all and the binding remains very sound, the contents are very clean and unmarked apart from a small manuscript numeral at the top of the contents page, this volume was disposed of by the British Home Office Library although it bears no library markings at all. This is Volume IV "EAST INDIES - 1772-1773" in the series of "REPORTS OF THE COMMITTEES OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Re-Printed by Order of the House, 1804" which comprised 15 large folios: only 1500 copies were printed. Parliament was recalled in 1772 after the East India Company asked for a loan of a million pounds and the resulting committee of 13 which inquired into its affairs came up with a damning report which probes interestingly into all aspects of affairs in India - administration, debt and revenue, territorial management, army reform, justice, the salt trade, the China trade, shipping, etc. An invaluable primary source for research into Indian affairs in the 18th century and the age of Clive.

Malcolm's Memoir of Central India. 2 volumes 1823. In an East India College full leather binding. 05130

Malcolm, Major-General Sir John, G.C.B., K.S.I.: A Memoir Of Central India, Including Malwa, and Adjoining Provinces with the History, and Copious Illustration, of the Past and Present Condition of That Country. 2 volumes. Parbury, Allen & Co [London] 1832, 3rd edition. 8vo. Folding sketch map of Central India, xvi.580pp & folding coloured geological sketch map of Malwa, iv.547pp. Contemprory deep purple-blue polished full leather gilt East India College binding, red title and volume labels gilt, full arms of the Company gilt blocked to front and back boards and Company crest to top panel of spine, some small evidence of removal of a bookplate from original marbled pastedown of volume one, otherwise an exceptionally handsome clean set. This edition is substantially the same as the 2nd edition (which corrected some errors in the first) but has a new preface commenting on the Central Indian rulers' adherence to the reforms Malcolm had introduced.

An association copy of Stuart's Letter to the Directors of the HEICo, 1787 06724

Stuart, Major General James: A Letter to the Honourable the Directors of the East India Company, from Major General James Stuart. [July 3, 1787]. No publicatdion details given, 4to. 47pp, xxiv [Appendix 1], xlvii [Appendix II], xxviii [Appendix III]. Late 20th century half calf with incomplete detached labels, sound but externally unattractive, contents a little browned but the thick paper sound and not at all brittle, a single small worm hole through the wide fore-edge margin of later pages. This copy probably originated in the Stuart family if not with the General himself. Internal evidence would suggest that it is most likely that it is the copy given by General Stuart to his father in law, Hugh 3rd Earl of Marchmont. There are several additional pages to those listed above, on paper bearing the same watermark, written in a very neat secretarial copperplate hand. The first addition is a page pasted to the reverse of a marbled paper which may have been the original covering, bearing a dedication "To the Earl of Marchmont From Major General Stuart". The facing page in the same hand on paper lined in red is headed 'The Contents' and repeatedly confirms that the information in the Appendices "are by M General Stuart". The ms page before Appendix 1 notes these matters can now be passed over "as The Court of Directors have ['at last' added above] agreed to Indemnify ... for the real Loss incurred". A ms note at the end of this chapter repeats the statement at the beginning adding, somewhat triumphantly, "and thus have admitted the Principle [sic & underlined] of the preceding Statement." The additional ms sheet before Appendix II about the state of the Carnatic notes that "The Remarks p. XXXIV-V and all the notes are added by Major General Stuart since in England." A similar ms page stressing the General's personal contribution to the work is added before Appendix III. Stuart's original letter had been sent in 1784. There are very few copies that seem to survive with these later appendices, printed just a few years before his death. The short titles of the appendices are: I - Demands made upon Major General Stuart for the Price of Grain sent by his Orders to Pulicat; Correspondence ...with Major Lysaght, &c; II - Proofs of the Distress felt in the Settlement of Madras, from the Scarcity of Rice and other Grain , in the Year 1782, when Major General Stuart interposed his Credit for the Purpose of increasing the Quantity of Provisions in the Vicinity of Madras...; III - Extract of the President Lord MACARTNEY'S MINUTE of 1st February 1783. James Stuart began his military career in the 56th Foot in 1755 and after reaching India in 1775 had what could at least be called a colourful career. After commanding on the Coromandel Coast he arrested the Governor of Madras at the behest of the majority of the Council. This led to his suspension as c-in-c by the HEICo Directors when news reached London. When he finally faced a Court Martial four years later he was acquitted honourably. He distinguished himself under Eyre Coote at Porto Novo, lost a leg at Pollilore, challenged the Governor of Madras over the degree of authority he was allowed, was confined in Madras and then sent home to England. There, despite his shortage of limbs, he fought a duel with Lord Macartney in Hyde Park and succeeded in wounding him. He died in 1793. An exceptionally interesting and unique association copy of a scarce work.

Early Parliamentary Reports on the East India Company reprinted in 1803. 04934

First Report From the Committee Appointed to Enquire Into the Nature, State, and Condition , of the East India Company, and of the British Affairs in the East Indies. Reported on the 26th of May 1772. Together with an Appendix [WITH 2nd to 5th REPORTS]. Houses of Parliament [London] 1803. Large folio. pp135-564. Recently bound in blue quarter leather with black title label, raised bands and blue paper covered boards, a very clean copy. This series of Reports (the 2nd also originally printed in 1772 and the other three in 1773) formed part of Volume III of the series of 15 large volumes of important reports which Parliament ordered to be re-printed in 1803. The earlier pages of the large volume contained unrelated reports on assay offices, linen, shipping timber, etc. These five reports were an attempt to assess the failings of the Company (particularly financial) and to search for a new method of governing India. At home parliament was incensed at the fortunes being made by returning nabobs (Clive brought home some 2 million pounds). The outcome was the regulating Act of 1775. The reports give details of all the Company's Charters, revolution in favour of Mir Jaffir 1760, conduct of Company servants, Sir Thomas Rumbold, war between the Company and Cossim Ally Cawn, trade in salt, free merchants, receipt of 5 lacs of rupees by Lord Clive, eye-witness accounts of events such as the Black Hole of Calcutta, etc.

CALCUTTA GAZETTE. A volume of selections from the years 1806 - 1815, Published 1868 06259

Selections from Calcutta Gazettes of the Years 1806 to 1815 Inclusive, Showing the political and Social Condition of the English in India Upwards of Fifty Years Ago. Volume IV. Office of Supt Govy Printing 1868 [Calcutta]. 1st edition, 8vo. VOLUME FOUR ONLY [earlier volumes dealt with the period before 1806 and there was one or possibly two later volumes]. Large folding map (Eastern Parts of Hindoostan; containing the Soubahs or Kingdoms of Bengal, Bahar, Awd, and Ellahabad, drawn chiefly from actual surveys: 1769. Engraved by Wm Whitchurch; 1776) in rear pocket together with folding panorama of Calcutta (some of legend cut off) and folding plan "Territory of Calcutta MDCCLVII" , . xviii.541pp. Original blind stamped green cloth boards with late 20th century green quarter leather spine gilt, new endpapers, pocket repaired, boards worn and bumped but contents quite clean. This volume offers a massive source of material dealing with all aspects of life in India for the European at the turn of the 18th/19th century and the source material of the original copies of the Journal is extremely rare. Even when these volumes were produced access could not be found to parts of the years 1789 and 1792. The volume is divided into the sections: Official, Editorial, and Advertisements. Official includes govt notices, general orders, proclamations of the Governor General, council minutes, etc. Editorial includes: court reports, letters to the editor, India related news from London, report on Elphinstone's mission to Cabul, sporting intelligence. Advertisements include notices of sales of houses, animals and property, a long address to Lord Minto, etc. A marvellous mine of information both entertaining and of great value to the researcher for both history and fiction.

CALCUTTA GAZETTE. A volume of selections from the years 1789 to 1797, Published 1865 06257

Seton-Karr, W S, Judge of the High Court of Judicature, And President of the Record Commission: Selections from Calcutta Gazettes of the Years 1789, 1790,1791,1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, And 1797, Showing the Political and Social Condition of India, Seventy Years Ago. Vol II. O T Cutter, Military Orphan Press [Calcuuta] 1865. 1st edition, 8vo. VOLUME TWO ONLY [vol I covered 1784-88 and there were three or possibly four later volumes covering the period after 1797]. 5pp (preface), xvii (table of contents), 608pp. Re-bound late 20th century, green quarter leather gilt with marbled paper covered boards. the binding very clean, some internal foxing and occasional pencil or sepia ink highlighting lines but not extensive or offensive. This volume offers an invaluable source of material dealing with all aspects of life in India for the European at the turn of the 18th/19th century and the source material of the original copies of the Journal is extremely rare. Even when these volumes were produced access could not be found to parts of the years 1789 and 1792. The volume is divided into the sections: Official, Editorial, and Advertisements. Official could include: Appointment of Commissioner for suppression of Dacoity & Letter from Lord Cornwallis -Peace with Tippoo. Editorial includes: A Sepoy Officer on the deplorable state of officers' servants, trials, the Character of Hyder Ally, theatrical reports, etc Advertisements include: a notice by Samuel Gold (horse and dog painter), private sale notices, Capt Hearsey selling his villa, deaths, publisher's advertisements, race meetings. The CALCUTTA GAZETTE or ORIENTAL ADVERTISER began publication on 4th March 1784 when it was produced at the Hon Company's Press, supervised by Francis Gladwin. Its paramount importance in in Bengal arose because it became the organ through which official Company notices and staements were made. A marvellous mine of information both entertaining and of great value to the researcher for both history and fiction.

Marquess of Hastings, Governor General of India. Private Journals edited by Lady Bute, 1858 07136

Hastings, Marquess of: The Private Journals of the Marquess of Hastings, KG, Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief in India. Edited by his daughter, the Marchioness of Bute. Saunders & Otley [London] 1858. 2nd edition, 8vo. 2 VOLUMES. Vol I: large folding map of India (with more detailed inset map of Delhi), x, [i dedication], 356pp; vol 2: 390pp, 6pp publisher's catalogue. Original pebbled red cloth gilt with Hastings arms gilt blocked to front boards, rubbed and worn, some lack of spine cloth to vol I, hinges splitting along endpapers but holding on cloth and linen, internally quite clean, map neatly folded but with a small edge tear without loss, volume 2 a little shaken, a very few marginal expanding comments in a contemporary hand. Numerous interesting account, especially of meetings with rulers, such as the King of Delhi and his sons or the Sikh Maharajahs. Scarce in the first or second editions.

JAMES MACRAE, Governor of Madras 1725 - 1731. Privately published annals. 07009

Wheeler, J Talboys: Annals of James Macrae, Esq., Governor of Madras, 1725-1731. Compiled from Official Sources. Graves & Co at the Scottish Press [Madras] 1862. 1st edition 8vo. vii.163pp. Re-cased in original green cloth gilt with spine laid down, a little wear at extremities, new endpapers. The title page notes that this work was "printed for private circulation only". Macrae was most unusually a man of extremely humble birth who rose to fortune and high position. He was raised by his mother, a widowed washerwoman living in a thatched cottage in Ayrshire. Living near a port the young Macrae took sail for India where he prospered in business and rose to occupy the highest position in southern India.

NEPAL. Parliamentary Papers and reports concerning the Nepal War in an edition printed in 1817. 04992

Papers Presented to Parliament in 1817. London Gazette Office, Printed By S G Clarke. 1817. 8vo. iv.71pp, iv(index) bound with "Papers Presented to Parliament in 1818" 185pp, 3pp index. Neatly re-cased in contemporary leather boards with new leather spine with red title label gilt, a very clean copy. The papers include: "Papers relating to East india Affairs. Origin, Continuance, and Termination of the late War with the State of NEPAUL" including Declaration from the Bengal Government about the Nepalese War (pp19-36); "Treaty of Peace between the HEICo and the Rajah of Nepaul, signed at Segowley, December 2, 1815" (pp36-42); "Papers respecting the Mission to Lisbon, 1814-1816. {pp41-71). Most of the 1818 papers are concerned with the Slave Trade. The original blue papers on the Nepal war are difficult to find and this book presents them in a handy form

CALCUTTA & DIAMOND HARBOUR RAILWAY. An early railway proposal, 1845 07823

Boileau, Major J T & Others: Remarks on the Plan of a Railway, from Calcutta to Diamond Harbour, with Spacious Docks at the Latter Which is Added a Letter to the Directors of the Honourable East India Company, By the Chairman of the Committee of Management.W H Allen & Co [London] 1845. 1st edition, 8vo. 3 folding maps, 40pp. re-cased (long ago] with the original printed paper covers laid down, some fading and marks to covers and a small section of the rear cover lacking revealing the card beneath, some pulling away from stitching but all three plans are very clean and remain neatly folded. A scarce ephemeral survival from the very earliest years of railway construction in India. The two plans at the front of the pamphlet are: a) Plan showing the line of the Proposed Calcutta & Diamond Harbour Docks Railway [77 x 40 cm, one small edge tear without loss], b) Plan of the present Calcutta & Diamond Harbour Road on which it is proposed to construct the Calcutta & Diamond Harbour Railway copied from the Chart of the Approaches to the Hoogley published by W H Allen & Co [38 x30cm]. At the rear is a folded plan, water coloured in outline Enlarged Sketch of the Harbour Creek shewing the Proposed Diamond Harbour Railway from Calcutta on a scale of 450 feet to 1 inch. The plans are lithographed by Day & Haghe of London. The need for this railway, approximately 55 miles long, was the very dangerous nature of the final approaches up the Hoogly to Calcutta where sudden violent storms often added to the dangers of the shallow draft over and around sandbanks. By using an existing road for the track bed costs were minimized. The appendix comprises a 24pp extract from a report by Major J T Boileau of the Bengal Engineers on the practicality of such a railroad, which he had written in 1837.

WARREN HASTINGS IMPEACHMENT. Letters to Edmund Burke, 1791. 07685

Hardinge, G: A Series of Letters to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke; in which are contained Enquiries Into the Constitutional Existence of an Impeachment against Mr Hastings. T Cadell [London] 1791. 1st edition 8vo. 199pp. Late 20th century quarter leather gilt with marbled paper covered boards, binding very clean, text block tight and sound, some browning to the title page. Not in the 1845 Catalogue of the Library of the East India Company.

Massie's Continental India. 2 volumes complete, 1840 01759

Massie, J W: CONTINENTAL INDIA. Travelling Sketches and Historical Recollections, Illustrating the Antiquity, Religion, and Manners of the Hindoos, the Extent of British Conquests, and the Progress of Missionary Operations. Thomas Ward [London] 1840. 1st edition, 8vo. 2 volumes. 2 VOLUMES. Folding map coloured in outline (Hindoostan with Part of Caubul), vignette illustrations at chapter headings, xx.477 & viii.478pp. Late 2oth century red quarter leather gilt with marbled boards, externally fine, ex-library with small blind stamp to title pages and stamps to top margin of first contents pages, otherwise a generally very good clean tight text block.

Early 19th century advice to young men starting careers in India. . 05632

Wallace, R G: Memoirs of India: Containing a Brief Geographical Account of the East Indies; a Succinct History of Hindostan, from the Most Early Ages to the End of the Marquis of Hastings' Administration in 1823. Designed for the Use of Young Men Going Out to India.Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green [London] 1824. 1st edition 8vo. xii.504pp. Contemporary or slightly later black half leather gilt with marbled boards, somewhat rubbed, joints split and boards holding on tapes and endpapers, internally clean, old inscription to Mr E James St Just dated 1834 to a blank page. The work is divided into three sections: book I deals with general geography; book II deals with history (including other European East India Companies), settlements, conquests, administrations of Wellesley and Hastings, the nature of the Three Presidencies; book III (from page 316) is the most original and covers: Miscellaneous remarks on India for the benefit of young adventurers, Preparation for India and Passage out, Cautions to be observed on arrival in India, Remarks on subjects connected with residence or service in India, On returning form India and in conclusion. Unusually for the period the book is indexed. "There are not in the world more liberal or considerate masters than the East India Company. The members of this distinguished body both individually and collectively truly deserve the title honourable." the writer concludes in one of the notes in his addenda.

Warren Hastings's Letter to the Court of Directors about affairs in Bengal, 1784. Scarce tract. 01677

Hastings, Warren: A Letter from the Honourable Warren Hastings, Esq. Governor-general of Bengal, to the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East-India Company. Dated from Lucknow, April with a Postcript, Dated May 13, 1784. Debrett [London] 1784. 8vo. 47pp. Disbound tract, title page a little browned and with a few small blots in sepia ink,, contmeporary ink numeral to top corner of title page, minor printing crease to lower corner of title page, otherwise in generally excellent condition, with only minor browning and foxing. The postscript was prompted by the mysterious flight of the Prince Jewan Buukhr "who has long held the principal and most active Part in the little that remained of the Administration of the King, Shah Allum..." an account of which is given by Hastings. Not in the Catalogue of the Library of the East India Company); not in Kaul.

A review of the state of British Government in India, 1790. 03748

A Short Review of the British Government of India; and of the State of the Country Before the Company Acquired the Grant of the Dewanny. John Stockdale [London] 1790. 8vo. 124pp. 20th century blue cloth gilt, front board with gilt monogram of Sir Clive Coates of Helperby Hall and his small bookplate to front pastedown and ownership signature to front free endpaper. Paper rather foxed but perfectly sound.

Sir Charles Metcalfe - Acting Governor General of India in 1835. 04964

Kaye, John William (editor): Selections from the Papers of Lord Metcalfe; Late Governor-General of India, Governor of Jamaica, and Governor-General of Canada. Smith Elder [London] 1855. 1st edition, 8vo. xiv.476pp, 1p Glossary of Indian Terms. Recent red quarter leather gilt with marbled boards, a very clean copy with just a single old library stamp to the top margin of the preface, the half title has not been bound in. The first 320pp deal with India: the Mission to Ranjit Singh, the Punjab, Hyderabad administration, Delhi and its defence, and administration, the Burmese war, the Indian Army (at a period just before the Mutiny), and many other matters. The remainder of the work, entitled "Colonial Despatches covers Jamaica and Canada.

Rev. Henry Martyn, Chaplain to the East India Company, a Memoir. 1819 03188

(Sargent, John, Jnr): A MEMOIR OF THE REV HENRY MARTYN...Chaplain to the Hon East India Company. J Hatchard [London] 1819. 2nd edition 8vo. xiv.509pp. Contemporary full calf gilt and blind stamped, rear joint cracked and a little broken, minor fraying at head of spine but genrally a very good copy, the leather bright and well-fed, old armorial bookplate of Isabella Baillie of Polkemmet, with a ms inscription to her in a contemporary hand "from an Affectionate Friend" on the title page. As a missionary and chaplain to the East India Company Martyn served first mainly at Dinapore (there are accounts of his journey up the Hoogly and Ganges from Calcutta), but then left for Shiraz in Persia. The book has accounts of his dealings with the Mullahs and Sufis.

Indian Mutiny in the Punjab. Contemporary Parliamentary Report with map. 07497

EAST INDIA (PUNJAB) PAPERS Relating to the MUTINY in the PUNJAB in 1857. [238] 15 April 1859. House of Common [London] 1859. 1st edition folio. Single page diagrammatic map, 143pp. British Parliamentary Paper [238]. Disbound as a single text block, a clean copy. A marvellously immediate, direct, and well written series of papers including: 1) an excellent account by Richard Temple (Secretary to the Chief Commissioner of the Punjab) of affairs during the siege of Delhi 2) Reports by R Montgomery (Judicial Commisionerr, Punjab) in which he divides his account into 12 Mutinies in the Punjab - Ferozoppr, 14 May; Hotee Murdan, 24 May; Jullunder, 7 June; Phillour, 8 June; Jhelum, 7 July, Sealkote, 9 July; Thanessur, 14 July, Lahore, 30 July, Feorzepore, 19 August, Peshawur, 28 August,; Umballa, 30 Sept; Mean Wali. 3) A detailed report on affairs in the Peshawur Division by Lt Col H B Edwardes (Commissioner and Superintendent) which includes a damning indictment of British command at the start of the Mutiny in Meerut: "There was but one place in India at which a General could have crushed the Mutiny in the bud; and at that place General Hewitt stood on the defensive. It is welll to learn all we can from experience, so I will here mention how forcibly it recurred to our minds that General Hewitt had been withdrawn two years previously from the Peashawur frontier, for the emergencies of which he was physically unfit. (During the time he commanded the Peshawur division, it is believed he never once visited the outposts, and he used to inspect his troops in a buggy). Yet he was appointed to another large division at Meerut; no doubt a quieter place; but wherever it is necessary to keep troops, it is surely necessary to keep a commander who can lead them in the field. It is not a question of age, but of efficiency. There are Radetzkys, though not too many." Edwardes writes stylishly and memorably describing a disarming: "As we rode down to the disarming, a very few chiefs and yeomen of the country attended us; and I remember, judging from their faces, they came to see which was the tide would turn. As we rode back friends were as thick as summer flies...." 4) A report from Umballa by George Carnac Barnes, Commissioner, Cis-Sutlej States. 5) District reports by T D Forsyth from Umballa, Umritsur and Loodiana. There are other reports and memoranda recounting the work of such notable figures as Brig-Gen Cotton and Lt-Col Nicholson. "The events of the next hour were to decide the fate of Peshawur duringt this war...." See Ladendorf 834(3) and 839

The College of Fort William in Bengal, 1805 11011

THE COLLEGE OF FORT WILLIAM IN BENGAL. T Cadell and W Davies [London].1805 4to. vii, 240pp. Later half leather with patterned boards, ex religious library with label and stamp confined to front endpapers, much older armorial bookplate [W H Mill] to a free blank and an armorial bookplate of a religious college to the verso of the title page, no other ownership markings. The binding is sound and the contents very clean. An unusual and very early work on the College founded by the Governor General Lord Wellesley to further the study particularly of oriental languages and culture: it produced thousands of oriental translations. The college’s early disputations on oriental languages are recorded here. The book offers some insight into the early beginnings of the Bengal Enlightenment.

THE ASIATIC ANNUAL REGISTER, For the Year 1800. 00001136

Campbell, Lawrence Dundas: THE ASIATIC ANNUAL REGISTER, or a View Of the History of HINDOSTAN, and of the Politics, Commerce and Literature of ASIA, For the Year 1800. Debrett [London] 1801. 8vo. Title page, 4pp Preface, 10pp list of Subscribers, contents (in total prelims of xxiv). The main body of this work (the second year of a production that was to last for only nine years) has separately paginated sections, viz: "HISTORY OF BRITISH INDIA" 34pp, "CHRONICLE" (which includes Occurrences, letters, civil and military appointments and notes for Bengal, Madras and Bombay, births, marriages and deaths; Dispatches from Calcutta; reports of debates on India in Parliament and of those of the Courts of Proprietors at the India House, etc, etc, & Supplement to the Chronicles [with notes on the foundation of a College in Calcutta, etc 150 pp, "STATE PAPERS [ Proceedings in Parliament and in the INdia House, 152pp, "CHARACTERS" (including memoirs of Hyder Ali Khan, further anecdotes of Tippoo Sultan, account of Muzaffer Jung, account of the life of Sir William Jones, &c 59pp, "MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS" [ military transactions in Bengal, various topics] 352pp, ACCOUNT OF BOOKS 88pp. Contemporary half leather gilt with marbled paper covered boards, rear board detached, loss of leather to top of spine, retaining original marbled endpapers with bookplate of Teston Library and a later collector's small bookplate [Edward Faridany, contents very clean with two blanks before the title page and no other ownership markings. a fascinating survival from a period when such journals sprang up to satisfy the insatiable demand in Britain for information on the East, especially India. This journal, beginning in the same decade as the foundation of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and some 28 years before the Royal Asiatic Society in London began its journal, was well received but it was not until the 1804 edition that Campbell revealed his authorship. Few copies of any of these journals survive intact in the Indian reference libraries (see Kaul 24 for details). a fascinating mine of information, much of it not easily available elsewhere, and an insight into British thought on the sub-continent at the close of the eighteenth century. This was a period of intense interest in Orientalism and several journals of a similar nature were begun - often proving to be short lived.

Thoughts on the Policy of the Crown towards India. 1859 05298

Ludlow, John Malcolm: Thoughts on the Policy of the Crown in India. James Ridgeway [London] 1859. 1st edition 8vo. 370pp, 1p errata, 1p note. Neatly re-cased in original brown cloth gilt and blindstamped, with spine laid down, some bumping and wear at corners of boards but otherwise clean, new endpapers, bold ink signature of contemporary owner (J J Dent) across title page. An interesting work published at the close of the cataclysmic Indian Mutiny considering the question of sovereignty in India, where the Queen's Proclamation had announced the end of rule by the East India Company and its assumption directly by the British Crown. Part I deals with promises to the Princes (annexations, treaties, annexation of Oude in particular, succession rights, adoption). Part II "Pledge and Proclamation to the People of India" considers revenue laws, property, Imam Commission, amnesty and disarming orders.

A pre-Mutiny view of the state of government in Oude. 1855 00647

Knighton, William: THE PRIVATE LIFE OF AN EASTERN KING By a Member of the Household of His Late Majesty, Nussir-u-deen, King of Oude. Hope & Co [London] 1855. 1st edition 8vo. viii.230pp. Re-cased in contemporary half leather gilt with marbled boards, original spine laid down, worn and scuffed on spine and leather corners but perfectly sound and internally quite clean apart from some foxing. Old ownership inscription in ink to endpaper ("I Field 1858"). This edition was produced in the same year as the first and is scarce. The author went to Lucknow as a merchant and remained there for over three years. He acknowledges Oude to be "one of the most miserably governed countries under heaven", and feels that it would be best annexed by the British, as had recently happened to the Punjab.

Regulations of the Bengal Civil Service in the year before the outbreak of the Mutiny. 1856. 06199

A Digest of the Civil Regulations in Force in the Lower Provinces. Bengal Presidency. Thacker, Spink and Co [Calcutta] 1856. 1st edition, small 8vo. xxxi.34pp (Index of Laws), 331pp (Regulations, Civil Judicature, etc), 27pp (Appendix) printed throughout in double column. Late 20th century brown quarter leather gilt with black title label and marbled paper covered boards, a very clean copy. a view of the laws of Bengal at the end of the East india Company's period of rule and just before the Indian Mutiny.

The state of India just before the outbreak of the Mutiny. 1857 06289

Stocqueler, J H: INDIA: ITS HISTORY, CLIMATE, PRODUCTIONS; WITH A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE ORIGIN, PROGRESS, AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BENGAL MUTINY, AND SUGGESTIONS AS TO THE FUTURE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. George Routledge & Co [London] 1857. 1st edition small 8vo. 7 illustrations, 3 ads, viii.219pp, 23pp ads and ads to endpapers. Original yellow paper covered boards printed with three colour illustration, the front board showing different types of Indian chatting, inlcuding a sepoy and a Parsee. the rear board with advertisements, spine lacking and replaced with a later plain paper covered spine titled INDIA in black, the whole binding now loose although the text block is sound. The title is somewhat misleading as there is little direct reference to the Mutiny, mainly a final chapter musing on the future. What the book does provide is a useful picture of India as it was in the final phase of East-India Company rule

Calcutta. 1806 plan of navigation of the Eastern Channel with a Parliamentary Paper. 04522

Report from the Committee to Whom the Petition of Benjamin Lacam, Esq. Grantee of New Harbour in Bengal Was Referred. Ordered to be Printed 10th July 1806. House of Commons, 1806. 1st edition folio. Large folding chart on thick paper ("Navigation through the Eastern Channel, and Chanel Creek with the boat-track of Captain Cumberlege, in his survey of the depths of water between Sauger Sand and Light House Sand" on a scale of 2 Nautic Miles to 1 inch, with small hand coloured inset of harbour on a reduced scale), 62pp. Disbound as a single text block, title page rather grubby and with very small old library stamp, the map very clean and neatly folded, detached from text block, small stamp to lower margin corner. British Parliamentary Paper No 289. The dangers of the approach to Calcutta at the mouth of the Hooghly had long given risae to the search for an alternative channel and Lacam's new harbour was begun in 1770. The paper contains several accounts by surveyors and captains of East Indiamen in the search for safer passages. The handsome map, which gives both old and new soundings gives the further information: "The dots and anchors exhibit the Track of the Charlton East Indiaman Captain John A Cumberlege in the Stormy Monsoon of 1801 with Soundings in her Passage up the South Entrance leading to new Harbour from Sea without Beacons Buoys or a Pilot. The Ships Hawk, Bangalore, Cuddy, Bucas, and Popham experienced the same advantages, all passing through New Harbour into the Hughly River."

British Army List 1777. 007610

A List of the General and Field Officers, as they rank in the Army; of Horse, Dragoons, and Foot, on the British and Irish Establishments , (to which is now added an alphabetical index), The Royal Regiment of Artillery, and Corps of Engineers, the Irish Artillery and Engineers, and the Marines on full and half pay. With the dates of their commissions, &c of his Majesty's Garrisons at Home and Abroad, with their allowances, all his officers on half pay, and a Succession of Colonels with the Uniform of Each Regiment from the new order for clothing, &c For the Year1777. J Millan, Opposite the Admiralty Office, Whitehall [London] 1771 1st edition 8vo 262pp. Late 20th century quarter calf gilt, very clean, the contents also firm and clean apart from a small lack of the top corner of the margin of the title page, no previous ownership marks. This year is interesting as being during the American War of Independence and therefore showing the British Army's composition at that time. Among other garrisons are those in North America which lists the chief officials with their salaries. As well as the Canadian garrisons, others are shown in East & West Florida, Mobile, South Carolina, etc. The work is fully indexed and all commissioned officers are shown in the regimental lists. Interesting and notorious characters of the time - such as Banister Tarleton of the 1st King's Dragoon Guards, are to be found listed here. Many of these regiments would have been serving in India alongside Company troops at various stages at this period.

Rennell's 1794 Map of Delhi, Agra, and Oude published for the East India Company 11073

A Map of the Provinces of Delhi, Agrah, Oude, and Allahabad, comprehending the Countries lying between Delhi and the Bengal Provinces, surveyed by Major James Rennell, Surveyor-General of the Honourable East India Company, and published by order of the Court of Directors ofthe said Company by Andrew Dury, published 12th May 1794 by Laurie & Whittle, 53 Fleet Street, London. A very large rolled map printed on two sheets and laid on linen measuring just over 43ins square [1100mm]. The map is extremely clean with only a few curls and folds at the corners and along the central horizontal join line. The linen is creased where it overhangs the map itself, the latter printed on stout paper. Produced on a scale of 10 miles to a degree [a little over ten miles to the inch]. At the top right there is an address from Dury to John Roberts the Chairman and the Directors of the HEICo listing them by name. The best brief account of James Rennell and his work surveying India will be found in Phillimore’s Historical Records of the Survey of India Vol I [Dehra Dun 1945].

The East India Register and Directory for 1823 11090

The East India Register and Directory for 1823...corrected to 28th January 1823. by A W Mason, Geo Owen, and G H Brown of the Secretary's Office, East India House. Sold by Kingsbury, Parbury, & Allen [London] 1823. Small 8vo. lxix, 536pp, including a folding sheet with list of the East India ships of the season 1821-22 and of Private Shipping Licences for the same year. Signed [as required] by George Brown on the verso of the title page. Late 20th century red quarter leather gilt with marbled paper covered boards, all edges yellow, binding very clean and the contents tight and tidy. This copy bears the contemporary signature F B Todd on the top magin of the title page and this is repeated on the half title with, additionally, 11th Bengal N.I. Fryer Brown Todd is listed on page 97 as an Ensign in the 29th Bengal Native Infantry and there are annotations, crossings out, etc to both the 29th & 19th Regiments. This copy was re-bound by our binder about 25 years ago and was recently purchased back from a collector.

The Oriental Herald, and Colonial Review. Vol I. January to April, 1824, by James Silk Buckingham 08022

J M Richardson [London] 1824. 8vo. 712pp, lii Appendix [freedom of press, Buckngham case, etc], [4pp index], no illustrations apart from a vignette of oriental architecture on title page and another vignette at head of first page of text. Contemporary quarter leather gilt with marbled boards, wear to corners and head and some damage to leather at head of spine where a detached section has been re-glued, no front free endpaper, internally quite clean with no previous ownership markings. The first volume of any journal can prove to be the hardest to find. James Silk Buckingham [1786-1855] had criticised the government of India so vigorously in his Calcutta Journal that he had been been exiled by the editor devotes a substantial first article to his case against the Governor General. The second issue in February begins with "Examination of the Arguments against a Free Press in India". Other articles include Governments of Asia, Colonization, Treatment of Native Indian Princes, Varieties in Literature, Science and Art, extracts from other journals. East India Shipping Question, As well as reviews, sections from new publications, there is civil and military intelligence, lists of shipping arrivals from eastern ports (China, Bengal, Madras, the Cape, Mauritius,etc), general lists of passengers, births, marriages and deaths, etc. This first volume is a little large in size than later volumes.

The East India Register and Directory for 1805 {Lord Wellesley] 08816

The East India Register and Directory, for 1805; Corrected to the 8th Nov 1804. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Military, and Marine...Lists of Europeans, Mariners, &c... Merchant Vessels. Blacks & Parry [London] 1805, small 8vo. Folding uncoloured map of Hindustan from the latest authorities, xxvii, 3 folding page lists of shipping for the seasons 1802-3, 1803-4, 1804-5 with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, time of sailing, etc, 388pp .Includes Casualty lists for Bengal [4pp], Madras [5pp], Bombay [2pp]. Full straight grain red morocco gilt, professionally re-backed with the original spine laid down all edges gilt, clean internally and externally, old Royal United Services Institute armorial presentation label to original marbled front endpaper, map a little cured at extremities where it overhangs the main text block a little, titled on the spine INDIA REGISTER 1805.. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, casualties, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officals, etc. We are not sure whether the map was an option that could be coloured or uncoloured. Certainly our own reference copy of this year is also uncoloured and the earliest we have with a coloured map is 1808. This volume, produced when Marquis Wellesley was Governor General and Lord Lake c-in-c, notes in its casualty lists some of those killed or dying at the battles of Assaye and Delhi.

East India Register for 1809 [Lord Minto] bound with Peerage, London Kalendar, &c. 11165

Mathison, John & Mason, Alexander Way (compilers): THE EAST INDIA REGISTER AND DIRECTORY FOR 1809; Corrected to the 26th November 1808. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Military, and Marine...Lists of Europeans, Mariners, &c... Merchant Vessels....with Indexes to the same , and Lists of Casualties during the last Year.... Black, Parry and Kingsbury [London] 1809. 1st edition, 8vo. [Lacking the folding uncoloured map of Hindustan from the latest authorities although we can supply a photo copy if required], xlii, 432pp, three folding page lists of shipping for the seasons 1806-7, 1807-8, & 1808-9 with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, time of sailing, etc., folding list of pay and allowances. This copy is usefully bound with The Royal Kalendar for 1809 [387pp], Rider’s British Merlin for 1809 [60pp], Arms of the Peers and Baronets with mottos etc, the New Companion for 1809 [142pp]. The whole makes a very fat little volume, but it is in a binding of contemporary red straight grain morocco, the spine with simple gilt rules and just the date 1809, a little rubbed, front marbled free endpaper pulling loose at the hinge, and rear hinge pulling away from binding but retaining its marbled endpapers, all edges gilt. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, casualties, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officials, brief details of the small establishments at Canton, Fort Marlborough, St Helena, etc. The Casualty Lists [which includes resignations] extends to 15 pages and is followed by 18 pages of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. Having the Royal Kalendar and coats of arms etc makes this a particularly useful reference volume for a year in which Lord Minto was Governor General.

Army List for 1793 with armorial book plate of Gordon Cumming, Baronet 08060

A List of the Officers of the Army and Marines, with an Index; a Succession of Colonels; and a List of the Officers of the Army and Marines on Half Pay. Also with an Index. 1793 The Forty First Edition. The War Office [London] 1793. 8vo. 438pp, [ii List of Military Books printed for T and J Egerton , Whitehall. Military Library. Contemporary tree calf gilt with red title label gilt [ARMY LIST 1793], excellent clean condition and sound throughout. The front pastedown has the handsome armorial bookplate of Cumming Gordon of Altyr & Gordonstown, Bart and the title page is inscribed boldly in sepia ink in the top margin "1st Fencible Regt". Sir Alexander Gordon Cumming was Colonel of the Strathspey Fencibles and was commended by the Commander in Chief for suppressing a mutiny at Dumfries in 1794.

East India Register 1822, Contemporarily bound with Peerage, Baronetage & Arms. 11199

The East India Register and Directory, for 1822; Corrected to the 19th Dec 1821. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants at Home and Abroad, Civil, Military, and Marine...and Lists of Casualties during the last year....Lists of Europeans, Mariners, &c... Merchant Vessels.... Black, Kingsbury, Parbufry & Allen [London] 1822, 12mo. lxiv, folding page listing shipping for the seasons 1820-21 & 1821-22, with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, time of sailing, with lit of Private Shipping Licenses to the verso, folding sheet of pay & allowance tables, 532pp. This copy is usefully bound with Stockdale’s The Present Peerage of the United Kingdom, Arms of Peers, Present Baronetage, & Arms of the Baronets. The whole makes a very fat little volume, bound in contemporary red straight grain morocco, with 1822 and numeral 2 to spine [1 would probably have been the Kalendar], some wear but better than average for its age and type, all edges gilt. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, casualties, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officials, weights and measures in the east, births, marriages and deaths, etc. Thre is the usual authenticating signature to the verso of the title page [A W Mason]. The Peerage title page has signatures of Thos Topham and J S Walton with a date 1841.

Marquis of Dalhousie's Administration of India. 2 vols by Sir Edwin Arnold 1862/5 08218

The Marquis of Dalhousie's Administration of British India. 2 Vols. Vol I Acquisition of the Punjab; Vol II Pegu, Annexation of Nagpur & Oudh. Saunders, Otley & Co [London]. 2 vols 8vo 1st Edition published 1862 (vol I) and 1865 (vol II) Vol I [published 1862] viii, 430pp, Vol II [published 1865] viii, 392pp. Original pebbled cloth gilt, spines faded, minor damage at heads and tails of spines, evidence to top of front boards where an old label has been carefully removed [no stamping or other library marks], Vol 2 was published three years after vol 1 and has a different publisher's device in the centre of the front board, it is also printed on poorer paper and the title page and few pages following are foxed, as are a few other pages [to a lesser extent]. old ownership signature in pencil to front free endpapers. A scarce set of useful title which covers this period of the 8 years of Dalhousie's term of office which saw hte last great annexations - The Punjab following the 2nd Sikh War, Pegu following the 2nd Burma War, Nagpore, Jhansi, Oudh, and several smaller acquisitions following the use of policy of lapse. The first and larger volume is almost entirely devoted to the Punjab. These events are essential to consider in understandingh the origins and course of the Indian Mutiny - for which some blamed Dalhousie.


The East India Register and Directory, for 1815; Corrected to the 4th August 1815. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Military, and Marine, at the Different Presidencies .... Printed by Cox, Son & Bayliss [London] 1815. 1st Edition, 8vo. lxxvi, two folding double pages of shipping for the seasons 1813-1814 & 1814-1815 with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, etc, folding table of private shipping, folding table of pay and allowances [as called for and all neatly folded], 483pp. [4pp] Contemporary full red leather, re-backed retaining original boards and with spine laid down, somewhat scuffed and worn but now a very sound copy, all edges gilt, original marbled endpapers and half title, text block very clean and no previous ownership marks. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officials, lists of casualties, births marriages and deaths, etc. When these volumes are described, as here, 2nd edition it signifies that this is the mid year edition, the first edition for each year was published in January. At this period the Governor General & Commander in chief was the Earl of Moira [later Marquess of Hastings].

1791 HEICo lists in an Edinburgh Almanack of that date 08268

The Town and Country Alamanack 1791...respectfully Inscribed to...James Stirling Esq., Lord Provost of Edinbugh. Published in 1791 by Thomas Ruddiman of Edinbugh, the almanack is 12mo in size [approx 5 x 3ins] Folding frontispiece plate ["A Prospect of GEORGE STREET with part of St ANDREWS SQUARE in the new Town, EDINBURGH" dated 14 april 1790 & drawn by Robt Bradbury, engraved byJ Ainslie] , 176pp. Contemporary calf covered boards, front board detached but present, lack of some leather from bottom of spine, text block very sound and clean.As well as the Kalendar the book contains many useful and interesting lists including governmen officers, peerage, army officers by regiment,, postal information, scottish roads, fairs, stage coach times ,etc. This issue has a much more detailed East India section than usual in these almanacks. This comprises 21 pages and lists the Directors, Civil Establishment, Merchants, Surgeons & Assts, the Military Establishments in Bengal [including lists of the 36 regiments of Sepoys, Forces on the Coast of Coromandel with military officers, Bombay Establishment with military officers and Marine servants. This is one the earliest lists of HEICo servants in India and differs mainly from the London lists produced by Stockdale and Debrett [which usually extend to about 60 pages] in the more cramped layout necessitated by the small page size. a few further pictures of this item appear on our abebooks inventory at, These detailed Eat India lists only appear occasionally in these little almanacks. Often there is only a very brief mention of East India administration in an almanack: contents seem to vary according to no easily discernible rule. The few listed here have a substantial India interest. Perhaps the disproportionate representation of Scots in the East India Company has something to do with the fact that these lists appear mainly in Scottish almanacks. When recently doing some research into membership of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews it was interesting to note how many members were serving or past members of the HEICo forces.

East India Company List contained in a 1789 Town & Country Alamanack 00000954

The Town and Country Alamanack for1789..With New Lists and an Imroved Kalendar.... Printed and sold n 1789 by Thomas Ruddiman of South Bridge Street, Edinburgh. The almanack is 12mo in size [approx 5 x 3ins] 176pp. Contemporary calf covered boards, much of the spine leather lacking but the boards still holding well on the cords, old notes and calculations in pencil and ink to some of the several blank pages at front and rear of the book. As well as the Kalendar the book contains many useful and interesting lists including government officers, peerage, army officers by regiment, postal information, Scottish roads, fairs, stage coach times ,etc. This issue has a much more detailed East India section than is usual in these almanacks and it only seems to appear thus in a few issues of the late 1780s and early 1790s . This comprises 20 pages and lists the Directors, Civil Establishment, Merchants, Surgeons & Assts, the Military Establishments in Bengal [including lists of the officers of the 36 battalions of Sepoys, Artillery, Invalids, Officers not posted, Commissaries, Forces on the Coast of Coromandel with military officers of 4 battalions of Europeans, 26 Sepoy battalions, a final page lists "Officers absent in Europe for three years". This is one the earliest lists of HEICo servants in India and differs mainly from the London lists produced by Stockdale and Debrett [which usually extend to about 60 pages] in the more cramped layout necessitated by the small page size.

East India Register and Army List for 1860. Capt Henry Vibart Glegg's copy 00000975

The East India Register and Army List for 1860. Wm H Allen 1860. lviii, 301pp [Bengal] with 6pp Casualties, 186pp [Madras] with 4pp Casualties, 138pp [Bombay] with 4pp Casualties, [12pp ads]. Late 20th century maroon cloth gilt, titled on spine EAST INDIA REG. 1860 1 [ the 1 refers to the fact that this was the first edition of the year, a second version usually being produced half way through the year]. Excellent condition. An interesting association copy, signed on the top of the title page H. V. Glegg and marked at the head of the half title in his hand “Received at Edinburgh 29th Decr. 1859”. Captain Henry Vibart Glegg was the Edinburgh Recruiting Officer for the East India service [as he had previously been for the HEICo before the Crown took over Indian administration after the Mutiny]. He has made neat amendments on various pages usually noting a death or retirement. There are also two extra pages of his meticulous notes inserted before the half title. One page ha financial details relating to the Bengal Military Orphan Society and the other is headed Indian Army and has a numerical return of “Officers of the disbanded Bengal Army” and “No of Privates & non Commissioned who took their Discharge from the late E I Comp’s Army”. Also there is a note of the present effective strength of the Local European Regts in India. The largest numbers of officers of the disbanded army are here seen to either on furlough [277] or with Irregular Regts [302]. Whilst the vast majority of the casualties occurred in 1859 there are still a few being recorded from the previous couple of years, for example Ensign Francis Weatherell of the 39th Bengal NI is shown as “supposed to have perished by hands of mutineers” May 1857.

East India Register for 1805, 1st edition 08486

The East India Register and Directory, for 1805; Corrected to the 8th Nov 1804. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Military, and Marine...Lists of Europeans, Mariners, &c... Merchant Vessels. &c. Blacks & Parry [London] 1805. 12mo. Folding uncoloured map of Hindustan from the latest authorities, xxviii, 3 folding page lists of shipping for the seasons 1802-3, 1803-4, 1804-5 with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, time of sailing, etc, 388pp. Professionally re-cased in the contemporary full red morocco giit with the original spine laid down, original marbled endpapers retained, all edges gilt, 1928 armorial presentation label of the RUSI to front endpaper, no other ownership markings., clean internally and externally with only a little wear at the extremities. An attreacftive volume.. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, casualties, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officals, etc. A very useful volume from Trafalgar year when Marquess Wellesley [the Duke of Wellington's brother] was Governor General and Lord Lake was commander in chief. It shows the army in India at the time of the Mahratta Wars. There are 4 pages of casualties for Bengal, 5 for Madras, and 2 for Bombay.

1826 Tract on the Government of India by an ADC to Lord Minto & Marquis of Hastings 00001081

Lt Col M Stewart, FRSE: Some Considerations on the Policy of the Government of India, more especially with reference to the Invasion of Burmah. Published by A and C Tait [Edinburgh] 1826. 8vo. vi.136pp. Stab sewn, probably as issued [no sign of the gatherings ever having been bound], the half title, title and next page have a tear from the gutter towards the page sentree witout loss, the remainder of the tract is sound although the pages have some curling at the corners. The final page records that the tract was printed in Edinburgh by J Stark.. The half title bears contemporary pencil signature 'A F Hudleston' and the title has the pencil signature ' J Babington'. Copies of a work with the same title but of much shorter length (approximately 50pp) appear on the internet as extracted froma journal and are dated 1825. They may be versions or summaries of the earlier 'pamphlet' which Stewart notes in the advertisemtn before his "Considerations" as having been printed in a run of 50 copies in the spring of 1825. This present ork was prompted by the failure of his earlier pamphlet to have stirred the Company to the sort of reforms which Stewart advocated. There is a copy of this tract listed in the 1844 Cataogue of the LIbrary of the East India Company [page 166]. Andrew Fleming Hudleston and John Babington were both merchants on the Madras establishment bing respecrtively Sub Collector and Princpal Collector & Magistrate at Canara. Both were senior merchants, Babington apponted in the sseason of 1803 and Hudleston in 1813.

The East India Register and Directory for 1818 08817

The East India Register and Directory, for 1818; Corrected to the 2d Dec 1817. Containing Complete Lists of the Company's Servants, Civil, Military, and Marine...Lists of Europeans, Mariners, &c... Merchant Vessels.... Black Parbury, and Allen (London) small 8vo. lxxii, 4 folding lists of shipping for the season with names of commanders, principal officers, surgeons, pursers, time of sailing, etc, for seasons, East Indiamen and private shipping for seasons 1816-17 & 1817-18, folding table of pay & allowances, 509pp including casualty lists of 4pp for Bengal, 2pp for Madras & 2pp for Bombay, 1p for Prince Edward Island . Fine binding in contemporary straight grain red morocco gilt, spine with star devices in compartments and titled EAST INDIA REGISTER 1818, all edges gilt, original marbled endpapers, front pastedown with armorial bookplate of Robert Leeming Montgomery, signed as usual on the reverse of the title page by a compiler [G Owen], smart binding ad the contents very sound although the largest of the private shipping list has tears without loss. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, casualties, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officials, etc. Robert Leeming Montgomery would appear from his arms to be a member of the Scottish Peebles family although his arms differ in quarterings from those of the baronet.