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2nd Dragoon Guards. The Band of the Queen's Bays outside Brighton Pavilion 07579

A rather unusual subject for a carte de visite, on the original card of W Hall, 21 North Street, Brighton, identified on the verso in a contemporary hand. The photograph of the band with their instruments and including boy buglers is slightly faded but still very clear. Brighton was the regiment’s home town. [07579] £28

A drummer boy of a Light Infantry or Rifles Regiment 07581

A carte de visite of a drummer boy in full dress uniform of a Rifles or Light Infantry Regiment, circa 1880.A somewhat faded half length portrait of a young drummer boy on a studio card of D Sargeant Stacy., 62 Upper Street, London.

RMLI. Lt Cadwallader Waddy in uniform, 1860s 07518

Royal Marine Light Infantry, a Carte De Visite Portrait of Cadwallader Waddy in Uniform, Circa 1864. A good full length portrait of the officer leaning on his sword. The carte de visite, on original photographer’s card of Blake Brothers, 93 Fore Street, Devenport, is in fine condition apart from a very small pin hole in the top margin. Cadwallader Waddy is recorded as commanding a Company of Royal Marines at Kobe in Japan between 1864 & 1870 after which he was transferred to half pay.

4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. A junior officer, circa 1870. 07447

4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. A Victorian carte de visite photographic portrait of a young officer in frock coat and pill box cap, circa 1870 A good carte de visite by Cranfield of 115 Grafton Street, Dublin showing the young officer full length wearing frock coat and pill box cap.

Queen's Royal Regiment. Two senior NCOs 07580

Queen's Royal Regiment. A carte de visite photographic portrait of two senior non commissioned officers seated before a tent The double portrait is on green photographer's card with gilt edge but does not have a photographer's printed credit.

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regt. An officer in tropical dress with sword. 07405

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regt. A cabinet portrait of an officer wearing tropical dress with sword and holding his khaki helmet. A good image, three quarter length, the second lieutenant holding a khaki tropical helmet with badge and and wearing his sword, taken by the photographer Richard Ellis, 42 Strada Stretta, Valetta, Malta circa 1900 or perhaps a few years earlier. Many soldiers were photographed here on their way to service in Africa or India. The photograph is good and clear but the bottom section of the card beneath the image has been cut off [presumably to fit a frame] and there is crease across the top left corner.

DCLI. A lieutenant of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion 07445

Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. A Cabinet Portrait of a Lieutenant in the 3rd Volunteer Battalion. A good clear photograph in clean condition on a cabinet card of Henry Opie, 10 Bond Street, Redruth. The DCLI volunteer subaltern is shown bust length wearing mess dress with a side cap with the badge of the 3rd VB DCLI, circa 1890.

Seaforth Highglanders. Signed portrait of Henry C Hovell-Thurlow-Cunningham-Bruce 06725

Original Signed Photographic Portrait of Henry Charles Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce as ADC to the High Commissioner and Commander in Chief of Palestine, Signed and Dated Jerusalem 1938, 6 x 9ins [ 16 x 22cm], A striking portrait showing the young Hon Henry Cumming-Bruce half length, wearing tropical dress uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders, signed in ink bottom right, "Yours ever affec Harry Cumming Bruce Jerusalem 16 March 1938", excellent condition, unfaded, very small tear without loss upper right side, reverse with copyright stamp of H Orushkeb, New Russian Bldg, Jaffa Road, Jerusalem, Palestine and numbered 17469A, tipped at the top to a thin black card backing. The lieutenant is shown wearing Seaforth Highlanders tropical full dress with cross belt, gilt bullion epaulettes and the aiguilette of an ADC to the Governor, holding a sword. He wears the Jubilee Medal of King George V and the order of St John of Jerusalem. The sitter served in Palestine from 1936 and had a distinguished career during World War II, commanding a battalion of the Gordon Highlanders, winning a DSO and bar. He rose to be a Major General and succeeded his father as 7th Baron Thurlow in 1952. He died in 1971.

An officer of Lancers in full dress uniform, pre 1914. 07002

Lancers, a Good Original Vintage Portrait Photograph of a Junior Officer in Full Dress Uniform, Pre WW1, 5.5 x 8ins [145 x 205mm] A good quality portrait showing the officer in full dress uniform, full length, holding sword and plumed lance cap. Possibly from a Yeomanry regiment. Although the officer wears no collar badges [typical only of the 17th Lancers] his lance cap plumes appear to be black which would suggest the 16th. Mounted on part of an old album leaf, probably taken in Yorkshire c 1905-10. a few marks down the left side of the photograph but not affecting the portrait.

RFA. Lt Arthur Ramsay Macdonald of Sandside. circa 1906. A cabinet portrait. 07008

Royal Field Artillery, Lieutenant Arthur Ramsay Macdonald. Full Length Photographic Portrait in Dress Uniform, Circa 1906. by W & D Downay, London. 4 x 8 Ins [150 x 195mm] image size. A good full length portrait showing the Lieutenant in full dress uniform with sword, his home pattern helmet on a table at his elbow. The photograph itself is clean and undamaged but the photographer's card mount is somewhat grubby and marked. Probably taken after his promotion to Lieutenant in 1906. Arthur Ramsay Macdonald of Sandside, Caithness was born in 1884, commissioned into the RFA in 1903. In 1912 he was still serving, based in 48 Battery at Sheffield. His middle name was that of his mother, a sister of the Earl of Panmure.

13th Hussars, Circa 1890s. An Original Unmounted Photograph of the Regiment's Drum Horse 07040

A somewhat faded but good image of the drum horse of the 13th Hussars mounted band, circa 1890s (the drummer having a sword of that period. Some details of the uniform in pencil to the verso together with photographer's attribution, Wynall of Aldershot, and the name "Stansell". 8 x 8.5ins [198 x 216mm].

Cameron Highlanders. Cabinet portrait of Sgt W Lowson of Glamis, circa 1885 07155

Cameron Highlanders. Victorian Cabinet Portrait Identified as Sgt W Lowson of Glamis, Circa 1885, 110 x 165mm overall. good portrait a Cameron Highlander, full length standing, wearing kilt, sergeant's sash, and medals for the Egypt Campaign [Queen's medal and Khedive's bronze star, late Victorian. A good, clean, well toned image on on an cabinet sized card of J McManus of The High Street, Edinburgh. Identified on the verso in pencil as Sgt W Lowson [possibly Lawson] of Glamis.

Cameron Highlanders. A Victorian Carte De Visite Photograph of a highlander in Dress Uniform 07158

A full length portrait of a young highlander in full dress uniform with his tropical dress white helmet at his elbow, taken by the famous Cairo and Constantinople photographer Pascal Sebah, probably as the soldier was on his way to the Sudan or to India. The card, a little grubby, has the printed details of the photographer on the reverse in red. 2.25 x 4.12ins [64 x 115mm] overall

Gordon Highlanders. A sergeant in full dress uniform with his family. He wears the Afghan Medal. 07160

A full length portrait of the sergeant in full dress uniform with his family, by E R Yerbury of Edinburgh. He wears the Afghan Medal with three clasps and the Kabul to Kandahar Star. The reverse of the card bears the photographer's advertising display. A little faded but quite distinct. 2.25 x 4.12ins [64 x 115mm] overall.

18th Hussars, the regimental drum horse. 07167

The Drum Horse of the 18th Hussars. An Original Vintage Edwardian Photographic Portrait, 11.5ins x 8.5ins [ 28 x 21cm] photograph size. A good image of the drum horse of the 18th Hussars in the Edwardian period, the drummer turned to wards the camera, on old card mount and that later mounted on thin card with inked attribution to C Falconer as photographer.

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. A mounted part squadron, circa 1880 07170

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. An Original Vintage Photograph of a Mounted Part Squadron of the Regiment Circa 1880 A good photograph of part of a squadron of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, mounted and wearing helmets drawn up outside a large country house. Mounted on an old thick card album leaf, 7.5 x 10ins [18 x 24cm] Photograph Size

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. An Original Vintage Photograph of the Regimental Band. Circa 1886 07171

An interesting photograph of the band of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, relaxing in a rural landscape, some holding their instruments, sitting or standing and grouped around the drum horse and its drummer, clearly showing one of the kettle drums with its drum banner . The reverse of the card has a slightly smaller very quirky image of a trooper holding tewo small monkeys, seated on a bench with a larger chained monkey on the bench and a small deer at his feet, probably taken while the regiment was abroad [it sailed for Natal in 1881]. Mounted on an old thick card album leaf, 6 x 8ins [15 x 20cm] photograph size.

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. Four squadrons mounted, circa 1880s. 07172

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. An Original Vintage Photograph of the Regiment, Mounted, Circa 1880s, 5.5 x 8ins [14 x 20cm] photograph size. An original photograph of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, mounted and wearing their helnets, drawn up in four squadrons, without their mounted band. The reverse has asimilar sized image of the regiment outside its barracks. Mounted on an old thick card album leaf. The card is rather foxed but it does not affect the image

Highland Light Infantry. An Early Photograph of a Young Officer of the 71st Regt in Full Dress 07437

A particularly good oval photographic portrait circa 1857 of a young officer of the 71st Foot, Highland Light Infantry, mounted on an old grey paper album leaf, excellent condition. The three quarter length portrait shows the officer seated and wearing full dress uniform. His shako, of the pre 1862 pattern without the diced band, is on the table beside him, his basket hilted broadsword between his legs. He wears the single breasted doublet adopted in 1856 and the rank badges are now worn on the collar. In this case he wears the single star of an ensign, the most junior commissioned rank. 11.5 x 15.5cm oval.

Cameron Highlanders. Oval portrait of a young officer in full dress uniform, circa 1857 07438

Cameron Highlanders. A good oval photographic portrait of a young officer in full dress uniform, circa 1857. Oval portrait mounted on an old mauve paper album leaf showing the officer full length standing by a table on which is his bonnet. He wears the single breasted doublet introduced in 1856, basket hilted sword and dirk. A well toned image in excellent clean condition. 15 x 21cm oval,

Cameron Highlanders. Portrait of a Young Officer in Frock Coat Wearing a Glengarry. 07439

Arched top portrait mounted on an grey mauve paper album leaf showing the officer three quarter length seated at a table. He wears a double breasted frock coat and glengarry. A well toned image in good condition with some fading towards the edges, 16 x 20cm with arched top

Gordon Highlanders. A Good Oval Portrait of a Young Officer in Full Dress Uniform, Circa 1857 07440

Oval portrait in a contemporary photographer's card mount showing the officer full length standing by a table on which is his bonnet. He wears the single breasted doublet introduced in 1856 and rank badges are now worn on the collar rather than rank being shown by the epaulette. He carries the basket hilted broadsword and dirk. A well toned image in excellent clean condition, 14..5 x 19.5cm oval.

Yorkshire Dragoons,a large group of the officers circa 1893 07470

Yorkshire Dragoons. A Good Large Original Vintage Photographic Group Portrait of the Officers of the Yorkshire Dragoons, Taken 1893 A very clear portrait of 17 officers in uniform [mainly frock coat] wearing pill box hats in most cases. They include a Lt Col and a Colonel [possibly the Earl of Scarborough and Earl Fitzwilliam]. The Dragoons were headquartered at Doncaster. The photograph is tipped to original photographer's card, minor discolouration to lower edge of photograph but generally very clean, the card has damp staining and some loss at the edges. it bears the printed credit of F Driver Photographer of 14 Tyrrel Street, Doncaster. 11.5 x 9.5ins [29 x 24cm]

Sir David E D Barclay, 12th Baronet, in service dress, signed verso and dated 1917 07593

Sir David Edward Durell Barclay, 12th Baronet. A Good Full Length Photographic Portrait in Service Dress Uniform, Dated 1917 The portrait is signed in pencil by the photographer, Sydney H Wood of Darlington and is mounted on very stout bevel edged photographer's card, inscribed on the verso Sir David Barclay (Bart) 1917. We also have another, somewhat faded copy of this portrait dated 1916. Sir David Barclay was born 1858, served as a Captain in the 19th Hussars in the Egyptian Campaign in 1882, where he was wounded, and in the Sudan and succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of His father in 1896. He was married to Letitia Order-Powlett. In 1914 he was serving as a Railway Staff Officer. 5.5 x 10ins

Thomas, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Rear Admiral of the Fleet, G.C.B., &c [Lord Cochrane] 07618

Thomas, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Rear Admiral of the Fleet, G.C.B., &c. An Original Vintage Photographic Portrait in Uniform A fine original photographic portrait of Earl Dundonald [better known by his earlier courtesy title of Cochrane], bust length in full dress uniform with orders.Mounted on a letterpress titled page and detached with a 17pp biographical article from the Army & Navy Magazine Vol 1 of 1880. Lord Dundonald died in 1860 so the plate was clearly taken by Maull & Fox in the 1850s and must be one of very few photographic images of the naval hero whoi is more often seen in engravings. Cochrane had a very lengthy naval career beginning at the age of nineteen in 1793 and at one time he was offered the command of the new Greek navy. 9 x 12cm size of photograph

Cameron Highlanders, 79th Regt. Soldiers in full dress uniform in a posed drinking scene, 06935

An attractive posed Victorian original photograph, by W Dickson of Glasgow, circa 1880, showing a group of Cameron Highlanders relaxing around a table,, drinking and smoking. their bonnets on the floor. A somewhat faded but very clear, mounted on an old photographer's card, pencil notes on verso about their uniform dating it to 1874-18817.5 x 5ins [190 x 125mm] image size.

3rd Bn Hampshire Regt, circa 1898. A cabinet portrait of two very young brothers 11047

A good cabinet portrait of two brothers in the uniform of the 3rd Militia Battalion of the Hampshire Regt. The photograph is on the card of Walter Ramell, 5 Great Southsea Street, Kings' Road, Southsea. and the two boys are identified on the verso in ink in a contemporary hand as Eric Spencer Wilkinson aged 13 & G T Spencer Wilkinson aged 12, dated August 1898. The regiment can be identified using a magnifying glass from the collar badge and the shoulder title.

West Somerset Yeomanry Hussars, a good cabinet portrait, circa 1900. 10057

The young hussar is photographed in a studio portrait 4x6ins on the photographer’s card of A H Mackenzie, 14 Charlwood Place, London, S.W. Good condition.

Black Watch, a cabinet portrait of a young Highlander in dress uniform. 10058

The portrait of the young soldier wearing a Glengarry is on the photographer’s card of Wm Aimer, 89 High Street, Perth and is in very clean condition.

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Carte de visite of a bandsman in dress uniform. 10059

The portrait of the bandsman is bust length without headdress on the photographer’s card of Phillips, Lynchford, Fairboro’, Hants and is a little soiled and marked, circa 1900.

An infantry bandsman wearing a service medal, taken in Alexandria 1890s 10060

A bust length carte de visite of a young bandsman wearing a service medal [possibly the Egypt Medal] on photographer’s card of D Arno, Piazza Sta Caterina, Alessandria (Egitto), the card printed in Milan.

Lord William Paulet, K.C.B. A carte de visite of the General in frock coat with sword 11013

.A good carte de visite by J Harris of Portsea. Paulet had served in the Crimea as Adjutant General to the Cavalry Division where he was awarded the medal with four clasps and a CB. He became a Major General in 1858 and was advanced to Lt General in 1867. He served in the 68th Foot [the Durham Light Infantry] and became Colonel of the Regiment in 1864. The general is shown full length and wears a frock coat the very wide medal ribbons fashionable in the Crimean period, and carries a mameluke pattern sword. Lord William was the fourth son of the 13th Marquess of Winchester.

62nd Foot, The Wiltshire Regiment. A carte de visite of an ensign with his blue cloth helmet. 11014

A three quarter length portrait by Hales & Vandyk, 10 Westbourne Grove, London W. He holds his home pattern helmet with the pre 1881 numbered badge. The card’s reverse shows a medal won by the company in 1873 and we would date this card to shortly after that.

23rd Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers. A cut down cabinet portrait of a young officer. 11017

The portrait, which appears to be cut down to fit an arched frame is on the photographer’s card of Mr Jabez Hughes, Regina House, Ryde, Isle of Wight and shows the officer in dress uniform with sword and his fur headdress beside him. It is marked on the reverse “Bertie Roberts, aged 23, 1876”.

Royal Navy. A cabinet portrait of a Flag Officer wearing dress uniform with medals. 11016

.The three quarter length portrait by St James’s Photographic Gallery, 72 Piccadilly, W shows the officer wearing medals for the Crimea and the Baltic and probably dates to the 1860s, a little faded and with slight damage to the left margin.

London Rifle Brigade, 5th City of London Battalion, N.C.O.s 11031

A formal group photograph of nine junior non commissioned officers by Underwood & Underwood, 104 High Holborn, W.C.. The image is 19.5 x 15cm and mounted on a grey photographer’s card, very clean condition. The ncos wear service dress with forage caps and broad leather belts, probably just before the First World War.

London Rifle Brigade, 5th City of London Battalion, Drums and Bugles 11032

A good photograph of the Drums and Bugles of the London Rifle Brigade, in camp or at an outdoor event, wearing service dress with forage caps and broad early belts, probably just pre First World War, image size 11 x 8.75ins [28 x 19cm]. In an old mount for framing, no photographer’s details.

School of Musketry, Instructors, late Victorian period A large group of instructors, senior NCOs. 11033

A large group of instructors, mainly senior NCOs of the School of Musketry wearing early forage caps with the Victorian badge of the corps. The eight officers on the front row wear staff badges. The photograph, image size 11.5 x 8.5ins [29 x 21.5cm], is mounted on photographer’s card, a little faded and a mark [ink?] running from the colonel’s leg towards the bottom of the image. One of the men on the rear rank wears the medals for the Egyptian campaign of the 1880s and the photograph probably dates from the early 1890s. The reverse has a very faded image of a large group of junior officers of various regiments on a course at the School. It was designated the Small Arms School, Hythe from 1919.

Portraits of General Officers serving in the First World War, an album. 011044

Colonel W H F Weber , Royal Horse Artillery. An album with several signed portraits of General Officers who commanded in the First World War. William Herman Frank Weber, Major, RA , Staff Captain, 6th Division, Irish Command 1912 at Mallow under Col W H L Paget. He had been commissioned in 1894 and served in South Africa and later in World War One. For full details and illustrations see the entry in the Catalogue Showroom

Royal Military College, a cabinet portrait of a cadet, circa 1880s 11046

A good cabinet portrait by Hills & Saunders, York Town showing a cadet half length, wearing his cap and holding a cane. A clean photo on the orginal photographer's card.

Gordon Highlanders. A Corporal wearing Crimea and Mutiny medals, circa 1870s 11051

A somewhat poorly printed carte de visite [perhaps from an old plate] by J & G Glen, 81 High Street, Belfast showing the Corporal in dress uniform wearing three medals [one of them the Mutiny with one clasp] standing beside a seated lady holding a baby. The officer holds his cap with the RMLI badge showing clearly. Slight damage ot the top right corner.

Royal Marine Light Infantry. Carte de visite of an officer, circa 1860s 11052

A photograph on a plain card with no photographer’s credit showing a seated officer of the RMLI in uniform in an outdoor setting. He wears the China War Medal of 1860 with one clasp and holds his forage cap on which the RMLI badges are clearly visible. 2.5 x 4ins, minor damage at top right corner.

Lord Alfred Paget, Chief Equerry to Queen Victoria 11051

A somewhat faded half length portrait of the General by Widow & Bridge, showing him seated, wearing the special uniform of a Royal Equerry and holding a sword of mameluke pattern. He had been commissioned in the 7th Light Dragoons in 1832, later serving with the Royal Horse Guards but spending much of his career in royal service acting as Clerk Marshal and Chief Equerry to Queen Victoria. He was born in 1816, the fifth son of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey. The portrait would appear to date from the 1860s.

Royal Navy. Midshipman Francis J Brooke, 1865 11052

A carte de visite photograph of the Midshipman full length in uniform in a studio setting by P L Widdicombe, New Road, Dartmouth. Identified in a contemporary hand on the reverse "To Mrs Firmin with F J Brooke's best love, June 17th 1865.

A carte de visite of a young cavalry officer 11054

A carte de visite portrait on an unmarked yellow card showing a young cavalry officer full length, probably a yeomanry regiment, circa 1870s.

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Portrait of Capt Hon Robert Bruce, Master of Burleigh 11058

A very good quality bust length portrait of the Master of Burleigh [eldest son of the 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh wearing full dress uniform and his South African War medals, 4 x 6ins.. The portrait is ona grey photographer’s card mount but there is no photographer’s credit. It was probably taken shortly after the Boer War as he is shown with lieutenant’s rank badges. From 1910-12 he was attached to the Egyptian Army and he received the Sudan medal for service there. He was killed in action in August 1914 at le Cateau. He was born in 1880, his mother being a daughter of the 5th Earl of Aberdeen. His brother George succeeded to the peerage.

Dundee Highland Volunteers. Alex James Robertson, aged 12, drummer boy, dated 1869 11059

An interestingly well identified carte de visite photograph by Low, Euclid Crescent, Dundee showing the 12 year old with his drum, a bugle on a stool at his side. The reverse is inscribed in a contemporary hand in ink "Alexr. James Robertson. Taken July 18th 1869, age 12 years + 3 months. Drummer Dundee Highland Volunteers.

Dundee Highland Volunteers. Alex James Robertson, aged 12, drummer boy, 1869 11060

A good example of an unusual hand coloured carte de visite by Low, Photographer & Miniature painter, Euclid Crescent, Dundee. we know the identity of the drummer boy and the date because of having an uncoloured card of the same boy. In this one he is shown in full dress, wearing the shoulder plaid and sporting what appears to be a full sized regimental dirk.

21st Empress of India's Lancers. The regimental drum horse, Edwardian period. 11064

A good portrait of the drum horse with its drummer in dress uniform. The drummer wears medals from the South African War and the photograph probably dates from soon after the regiment's return. The regiment owed its origins to the 21st Light Dragoons raised in 1760 but went through several incarnations before being designated 21st Lancers in 1891 and receiving the title Empress of India's in 1898 after earning its battle honour at the Battle of Khartoum. It was a short lived regiment disappearing after the cavalry re-organisation following the 1914-18 War. The image, 10 x 7ins, is mounted on an old album card with a few other images on the reverse, one showing the regiment riding along a road wearing service dress uniform with lance caps.

Seaforth Highlanders. A captain in full dress with decorations and medals, post WWI 08640

SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS. An unidentified captain of the Seaforth Highlanders in full dress uniform with basket hilted broadsword and dirk. The photograph, which must date from the 1920s measures 240 x 168mm and is mounted on part of an old card album leaf. It should be relatively easy to research the officer because of his medals which are: Military Cross, 1st War Trio with MID on the Victory, Knight’s Badge of the Serbia Order of the White Eagle.

Maxim Gun. A photograph of 8 officers grouped around a maxim gun, circa 1890 07771

The rather irregularly faded photograph [11 x 8ins, 285 x 210mm] shows a captain and seven lieutenants with an early maxim gun mounted on a gun carriage with large wooden spoked wheels. It is mounted on an old card album leaf and the reverse has a similarly sized group portrait of 42 mainly junior officers grouped around a lieutenant colonel. The officers represent a considerable range of regiments and this is probably a training group, perhaps at a small arms school as two hold rifles. With a good eye glass quite a number of the regiments can de discerned from the cap and collar badges. A good strong image of the gun which had such a devastating effect in the pitched battles of the late Vi ctorian colonial wars.

6th Inniskilling Dragoons. A carte de visite of a trooper, late 19th century 11068

A good, padded cdv of a trooper by J W Jacklett Junior, 160 Victoria Road, Aldershot, probably dating from the 1880s.

15th Hussars. The regimental drum horse, circa 1880s 11069

A somewhat faded sepia toned image of the drum horse, probably at Shorncliffe Barracks in the 1880s. The image, 3.5 x 5.5 ins, is close mounted on old card,

Royal Garrison Artillery. The officers at The Citadel, Plymouth in 1904 07800

Royal Garrison Artillery. Officers Present at Colonel Dalton's Farewell Parade at Plymouth Citadel 1904, a good group portrait shwoing some thirty officers in both service dress and blues. The reverse of the old album sheet has a similarly sized view of the troops on the parade.

Lt Gen Sir William Butler, G.C.B. with Headquarters Staff, Devenport, 1905 07801

Sir William Butler, an Irishman, enetered the army in the 69th Foot in 1838 and this photograph dates from the year in which he retired. The photograph measures 11.5 x 9.5ins and is on an old album leaf. The General in the portrait well justifies his Spy caricature portrait. His very long career has seen him serve in the 1870-1 Red River campaign, under Wolseley in both the Ashanti and Zulu campaigns, the Sudan and South Africa where he was commander in chief in 1898. The reverse has a similarly sized portrait showing the R A Headquarters Staff at Devenport in 1904.

Sir John Leach, KCVO with Staff & a group portrait of RA Plymouth with The Duke of Connaught 1905 07802

Sir John Leach KCVO, RA Commanding Coast Defences, Plymouth 1907. A Good Vintage Portrait with Staff A good large sized group portrait showing the general with three aides de camp, standing with dress uniform, medals, and swords. The reverse has a similarly sized group portrait, dated 1905, showing H R H the Duke of Connaught [Prince Arthur] with the officers of the Royal Artillery during his inspection of the Plymouth Coast Defences. 11 x 9.5ins [ 288 x 238mm]

5th Dragoon Guards. A portrait of Cornet Bernard Henry Entwisle, 1870 11084

A good clean carte de visite portrait by Hills & Saunders showing the young cavalry officer leaning on a cabinet on which his helmet rests. identified on the reverse in a contemporary hand. Entwisle was commissioned into the 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales') Regt of Dragoon Guards in 1868 and advanced to Lieutenant in 1871.

Inverness Rifle Volunteers, 1st Administrative Battalion, circa 1867 11097

A carte de visite portrait of a non commissioned officer in a formal studio portrait. The card has no photographer’s credit and is corner mounted on a piece of card with some details of the uniform on the reverse.

ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY. A carte de visite of a lieutenant in review order. 11099

A formal studio portrait by West, 27 Upper Week Street, Maidstone showing the officer standing by a table holding his sword and wearing a dress sabretache. Probably about 1870s.

BLACK WATCH. A young 2nd lieutenant taken just before the First World War. 11101

A good professional portrait, 84 x 133mm, on photographer’s card with impressed credit of G F Parteon of Dundee, showing the officer full length wearing service dress with puttees and wearing a regimental Glengarry. The card is professionally cut to postcard size and was probably intended to be framed.

BLACK WATCH. A cabinet portrait of a young Highlander in white jacket and plaid 11111

A cabinet portrait, 108 x 116cm] on the photographer's card of J Short, 8 Mathieson Street, Glasgow, showing a young Highlander in strikingly confident pose wearing a white jacket with plaid. He holds a cane and his glengarry rests against his arm and is probably a member of the 2nd Battalion, perhaps awaiting overseas service although the white jacket was sometimes worn at home. The photograph probably dates from the early 1890s.

Cabinet Portrait Photograph of a Yeomanry Trooper on Horseback Porting a Rifle. 07907

An attractive cabinet portrait, unfortunately with no notes or photographer's credits. The trooper of a Yeomanry Regiment appears kitted out for the South African War wearing service dress with bandolier and holding a rifle. He wears khaki service dress and slouch hat with badge [which could possibly be made out with a strong glass. There is no indication of place [the rider is posed against a corrugated iron building] but the photograph came to us from a collection put together in Fife in the last century. The overall size of the card is 11 x 16.5cm.

IRISH GUARDS. Cabinet portrait of Lt Herbert Herbert-Stepney, circa 1898. Killed in action 1914. 07910

The three quarter length portrait shows the officer in mess dress and is on the photographer’s card of Hills & Saunders, York Town [10.5 x 16.5cm] and is identified on the front in pencil “Herbert H-S”.. Herbert Arthur Herbert-Stepney was commissioned in 1898. At the bginning of the 1914-18 War he was a Major and second in command of the 1st Battalion Scots Giards. He was killed in action on 7th November 1914 in the first battle of Ypres when he was commanding the battalion. The battalion had thus lost all its field officers and command devolved on Captain Norman Orr-Ewing.

Edward Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII, Colonel of the Welsh Guards signed portrait, 1919 06553

Original photographic portrait [image size 3.5ins x 5.5ins] showing the young prince in service dress uniform of the Welsh Guards (wearing cap) as Colonel of the Regiment, at the end of his service during the First World War. The photograph is mounted on a sheet of card embossed Vandyk London [overall size 7.5ins x 9ins, and is signed on the card within the plate mark in ink to the left Edward P 1919 and in pencil to the right Vandyk. The card mount has some light foxing although the photograph itself is very clean and richly toned.

Royal Highlanders. A young Highlander in an intriguingly odd uniform 11185

An original unused real photograph post card with impressed credit of Urquhart of Tain, showing a young Royal Highlander wearing "a borrowed Gordons sporran' [according to an old pencil inscription on the reverse] and with an English tunic with the corners turned back to reveal the sporran.

Cornet Harry Leigh Townshend, 1st (Royal) Regt of Dragoons, 1863 11197

A full length carte de visite portrait of the officer wearing a frock coat by Sarony & Co of New Street, Birmingham, dated beneath the portrait in ink 1863 and identified on the verso in contemporary hand. Townshend became a Cornet in 1862 and was promoted to Lieutenant in 1865.

A good Irish cabinet card of 2nd Lt Donald Cameron, The Leinster Regt, dated 1905 08156

The card show a head and shoulders portrait signed and dated beneath and talen by the Couche “Vandyke” Studio, Fermoy. Excellent clean condition. 08156

An officer of Hussars, photographed at Curragh Camp Kildare, late 19th century 11196

The carte de visite is by J F Church of Curragh Camp Kildare and shows an officer wearing busby, sword and sabretache, probably about 1880. Very faded and with a small ink smudge beneath his feet.

SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS. Pipers and drummer boys photographed at Elgin. 08181

A good late 19th century cabinet card group portrait taken by Wm C Thiro, Gelnview, Elgin, N.B. of four drummer boys, pipers, and others of the 3rd Cadet Volunteer Battalion of the Seaforths. The four line shoulder title is clearly visible on the shoulder of the drummer boy on the left - C/3/V/SEAFORTH. The area lowere left which looks like fading is in fact light reflection in the original photograph.

A young cavalry man with proud mother, 1902 11202

A cabinet portrait card by H B Collis of Canterbury with additional gilt decoration stating "Coronation Year 1902", showing a young man in cavalry uniform with what we assume is the proud mother. A little marking across the upper part of the card which apears to be in the negative or to have occurred at the time of printing.

Seaforth Highlanders. A captain in full dress with decorations and medals, post WWI 08640

SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS. An unidentified captain of the Seaforth Highlanders in full dress uniform with basket hilted broadsword and dirk. The photograph, which must date from the 1920s measures 240 x 168mm and is mounted on part of an old card album leaf. It should be relatively easy to research the officer because of his medals which are: Military Cross, 1st War Trio with MID on the Victory, Knight’s Badge of the Serbia Order of the White Eagle.

CAMERON HIGHLANDERS. A Cabinet Portrait of Lt A De S McKerrell, 79th Cameron Highlanders 08191

An attractive portrait of the officer wearing the Egypt medal and Khedive's bronze Star. An old note to the verso gives some details of his career. In 1912 Augustus de Segur McKerrell, C.B. is listed as a Colonel in Hart's and was Lt Col commanding the Camerons. He was first commissioned in 1877. He died in Dundee in 1916. The photograph, on a cabinet card of an unidentified photographer, has a crease across the top left corner and a small area of loss top right but the image is in fine condition and clearly shows medals, cross belt plate and palid brooch. The note on the verso indicates that he was awarded the Delhi Durbar medal [presumably the 1911 one as he does not appear in the roll for 1903. The portrait measures 10.5 x 15.5cm

Philip Yorke of Erthig as a boy wearing Rifles uniform - possibly Royal Denbigh Rifles 00000928

An interesting and early cdv showing Yorke wearing the uniform of a rifle regiment, his elbow resting on cabinet on which is his uniform cap with the crowned stringed bugle badge of a rifle regiment. The photographic portrait is mounted on a card but without photographer's credit, small tear to lower left corner of card and a very small area of the photograph above that clipped away. Philip Yorke was born in 1849 and succeeded to Erthig Park, near Wrexham [sometimes called Erddig]. He married Anne Fountayne, daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Puleston, Bart in 1879. He served as a captain in the Royal Denbigh Rifles. The card is identified on the verso in pencil [Philip Yorke, Erdigg]. A branch of the Yorke family became Earls of Hardwicke.

Edward Godsal as a boy wearing a rifles uniform. cdv by Revd J P Firmin 00000929

A good, early carte de visite by Revd. J P Firmin [for the benefit of Eaton National Schools). The youth wears the grey uniform of volunteer rirles and his shako has the strung bugle beneath a victorian crown. The Godsal family owned Iscoed Park, Flintshire and is most lkely that this boy was a friend of his neighbour Philip Yorke of Erthig [seen in the preious cdv, above]. The cards came to us fromt he same source.

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, Cornet Edmond Hegan Kennard 00000930

A good, early Irish carte de visite by Cranfield of 115 Grafton Street, Dublin, dated verso in pencil 26/22/58 - the date of his commissioning. The young cornet is shown in an oval wearing dress uniform and holding his busby and sword. Kennard went on to be a Lieutenant in 1862 and captina from 18th October 1866.

H.R.H. Prince Albert in the uniform of the Rifle Brigade. 00000939

H.R.H. Prince Arthur [Duke of Connaught]. A carte de visite by Maull & Co, showing the Prince in the uniform of the Rifle Brigade into which he was commissioned in 1868. He is shown seated at a desk wearing the distinctive uniform with the three stars of the Orders of the Garter, the Thistle and St Patrick. As he does not wear the ribbon or medal for the Fenian Raid in Canada of 1871 to which he was entitled we may assume this to date close to 1869. In 1870 he was made G.C.M.G. Later as Duke of Connaught he spent much time in India where he commanded in Bombay for a period. There is a vertical crease running through the prince’s right shoulder. Prince Arthur was the favourite son of Queen Victoria and lived into his nineties.

15th (East Yorkshire) Regt. A junior officer wearing shako, 1860s 08400

The photograph is taken by Samuels Studio, Dublin, and probably dates from the late 1860s when the 2nd Battalion was based at Cork. The image shows the officer in a studio wearing dress uniform and wearing a shako on which the regimental plate is clearly visible. We are not sure of the identity of the sitter but there is a possibility that it is Lieutenant Lawrence Henry Dundas.

Ensign James Archibald Hay, 74th Highland Regt. 08401

A carte de visite by J Caldesi &Co of London showing the officer in full dress uniform, his shako on a studio table on which he rests his right arm. The card is identified beneath the image as Mr J Hay. Hay began his service in 1866 and rthe photograph probably dates from shortly afterwards. He was still serving in the regiment after it merged with the 71st and became part of the Highland Light Infantry. He served in the Egypt War of 1882, became a Major in 1887 retiring that year.

Royal Flying Corps. 2nd Lieutenant Gordon Irving 008399

A good pictorial post card signed at the foot G Irving Lt, RAF, 1919. The officer is shown three quarter length and he wears Royal Flying Corps uniform. At this transitional period he has probably not yet converted his uniform to Royal Air Force. The post card is produced by W Stocks of Sunderland and has not been postally used: it is of the undivided back type.

9th Lancers. a young officer in full dress uniform, circa 1870 08403

A somewhat faded carte de visite showing a young officer of the 9th lancers in dress uniform. His lance cap with black swan feathers rests on the chair besiode him in this full length studio portrait bu Chancellor of Dublin.

Imperial Yeomanry Trooper, circa 1900, probably Scottish Cabinet card, circa 1900 008402

A very good cabinet card [6.5 x 4.25ins] by Willie B Dickson of Hamilton, Scotland showing a mounted cavalryman in defiant pose with his rifle in hand. I have failed to read the shoulder title or identify the badge on the slouch hat but someone with better knowledge of the yeomanry uniforms might swell be able to do so. Numbers of this type of photograph were taken just before the volunteers from the yeomanry went off to the Boer War in South Africa.

1st City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers. 1870s. 08403

1st City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers. A carte de visite by McPherson of the Edinburgh School of Photography showing a private of the Highland Company of the regiment, connected with the regular Royal Scots. It shows the highlander in kilted uniform wearing a Glengarry and carrying a bayonet at his belt. There is an ink blot lower left on the margin. It probably dates from the 1870s.

67th Foot [South Hampshire]. A young subaltern in full dress with shako 00001009

67th Regt [South Hampshire]. A good carte de visite by Mayall of Regent Street, London, showing a young subaltern of the 67th Foot in dress uniform with sash and sword. It can be dated to the 1860s and notably he is wearing a single shoulder cord. The regimental number is clearly visible on the plate of his shako resting on the table beside him.

Donald Ramsey Macdonald, RFA 00001075

A portrait of a very young Donald Ramsey Macdonald by Dalby of 82-83 Wellington St, Woolwich, probably taken when he was a cadet at Woolwich. The bust length portrait shows Macdonald wearing a pill box cap with chinstrap. It measures 2.5 x 4ins and is mounted on a photographer's card, ov.erall size 7 x 5ins. Donald Ramsey Macdonald was born in 1884 and was commissioned into the Royal Field Artillery in 1903, becoming a lieutenant in 1906. In 1912 he was serving with the 48th Battery at Sheffield, was made captain in October 1914 and still serving in that rank in 1916. It is identified on the reverse and came to us with an archive of material from the family Macdonald of Sandside which had several members who served in India and had connections by marriage with the family of the Earls of Elgin and Kincardine.

HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught [1883-1938] in uniform of the 7th Queen's Hussars, signed 1908 00001094

A three quarter length portrait of HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught and Strathearn, mounted on thick, gilt edged photographer's card, of the large royal portrait size [7.5 x 12ins], the bottom of the card [presumably with the photographer's credit] has been trimmed off so that the portrait [itself unaffected] would fir in a picture frame. The portrait shows the prince in dashing pose and is signed top left 'Arthur' and dated 1908 top right. He wears the dress uniform of the 7th Queen's Own Hussars in which he served, hand on sword hilt, sporting sash and star of the Order of the Garter and the Star of the Royal Victorian Order. The Prince was born at Windsor in 1883, his father being Prince Arthur, 3rd son of Queen Victoria. Arthur was also a personal ADC to the King, was one of the four Counsellors of State during the King's absence in India 1911-12 and he was also a captain in the 3rd Prussian (Zeiten) Hussars. The date of the photograph suggests it was taken shortly after he received the Order of Garter [this honour is not shown in the 1907 Army List]. Prince Arthur joined the Hussars in 1901 seeing active service with them in South Africa.. In 190 he transferred to the Royal Scots Greys. After the First World War, when he was an ADC to Haig, he retired as a lieutenant colonel and ion 1920 became Governor General of the Union of South Africa. There is some damage to the photograph's surface, mainly not affecting the figure, and a small crack across the top right corner.

Lieutenant John C Fraser, M.C. Grenadier Guards 00001100

Lieutenant John C Fraser, M.C. Grenadier Guards. A good photographic portrait of the officer, bust length, wearing service dress uniform with Grenadier Guards cap badge but with collars indicating that he was serving with the Guards Machine Gun Regiment – a very short lived unit towards the end of the First World War. The photograph [image size approx 4 x 4ins] is on photographer’s card signed in the negative Wayland [10 x 6.5ins] further mounted on a stout card album sheet. On the album sheet is a cut out regimental badge, a contemporary manuscript note “Lieut John C Fraser, Gren Guards, eldest son of the late Capt Thomas Fraser of Balmain, Inverness-shire – lost at sea by enemy action when going to Canada on leave, Sept 9th 1918. A pasted small newspaper obituary notices on the card states that he won his MC for fighting off several enemy attacks with his machine gun earlier in 1918. There is some spotted foxing to the album leaf [which is blank on the reverse] but the photographic card is in excellent condition.